View Full Version : "Next Gen" Mountain (Game Idea)

09-08-2018, 03:04 PM
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Annecy
Thank you for all your hard work, and mostly Steep! This idea spawns from that game you have poured your hard work into.

Mountain - A dynamically changing mountain catering all gravity sports for all seasons.
There's a huge gap with the niche of Action Sports. It would be amazing to experience a developed game by Ubisoft that is similar to Steep, but much more vast and dynamic. Dynamic in which it is not just winter sports, but also summer. Players are able to load the same mountain (or different) to experience other gravity sports played during summer months. Mountain biking and kayaking would be great examples.

Hub - The biggest complaint with Steep was the lack of hub for players to interact and its ease of navigation. Solve this first, you already have the community behind you, create a logical and simplistic area(s) that players can meet, chat, share media/challenges, link to UPlay.

Terrain - How you did it with Steep, keep working those wonky bugs out, but the terrain in Steep gets better each update. BUT That is just for Fall/Winter, for Spring and summer... have the snow melt into water to fill the rivers, bring up grass and muddy areas and obviously keep the lakes. This will change the way players play the game with what sports they have access to. Now, they can do water sports such as SUP, Kayak, etc.
Give us real trails from sponsored events such as RedBulls Rampage, GoPro, Monster, etc.

Fall/Winter Sports - Include all current Steep sports (snowboard, ski, paraglide, speedski, wingsuit, rocketwings, sled), add Snowmobile
Spring/Summer - downhill longboarding, mountain biking, kayak, SUP, more paraglide/wingsuit, trikes, hiking/trail running, climbing,

What will players do?
- Explore the Mountain world that Ubisoft creates; a changing world for players to enjoy their favorite Mountain sports.
- Play Challenges
- Create & Share Challenges
- Create & Share media
- Play together
- Have fun!