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09-07-2018, 05:13 PM
Hey everyone,

I've been playing a lot of Jiang Jun since the beta opened up and I want to give my first impressions of him as a character. Hopefully this can shed some light on the character's strengths and weaknesses.


-His Sifu stance is incredibly versatile as it allows him to cancel his recoveries with a semi-safe backdodge and recover stamina simultaneously. This coupled with his ability to do a quick zone for 20-ish damage out of the stance makes it very good for catching people who try to gb you out of the stance (since you're vulnerable, unlike Nobushi's hidden stance) as well as people who go for a heavy while thinking you'll hold the stance longer for the stamina regeneration.

-His mixup potential with cancelling his recoveries or feinting his heavies normally or with Sifu stance give him a decent bit of mixup pressure despite him only having 2 hit combos. You can cancel all recoveries into Sifu stance and immediately follow up with the Sifu zone to continue the combo pressure.

-Despite his stamina draining very quickly, his Sifu stance recovers stamina incredibly quickly, even while out of stamina. While oos, one parry>Sifu stance will max out your stamina before the opponent can retaliate. On top of this, you can use Sifu stance while out of stamina to bait gb attempts for them to waste their opportunity to deal major damage.

-His dodge heavies can be soft feinted into a quick light from the opposite direction, and they also have hyper armor and extended dodge properties for a certain portion. It's a bit delayed for the extended dodge, so you can't really use it on reaction very well but it can be used to avoid certain moves. This is also a good opener against certain heroes because you can hard feint the dodge heavy, allowing you to get a gb or a parry if the opponent goes for a dodge or dodge attack.

-His forward dodge heavy can be feinted, Sifu stance feinted, or soft feinted into a low kick that guarantees a light (and sometimes a side heavy. I've found situations where it is guaranteed after the kick). On top of this, you can target-swap the kick during the dodge heavy animation to kick a different target, making it good in 1v2 situations and teamfights.

-His parry>choke takes a year and a half to finish, and drains a good bit of stamina. These make this one of the best parry counters in the game as it is both a CC and stamina drainer.

-Many of his attacks are slow enough and have hyper armor so they can catch dodge punishes. Many times people will try to counter my feinted attacks with a raw side heavy and I'll end up slapping them in the face for 40-ish damage.

-His zone swipes a VERY wide arc in front of him and is a combo opener. This, if timed properly, can catch a lot of dodges.


-His stamina drains very quickly, meaning you run the risk of getting parried into oos very often. Even with Sifu stance, going out of stamina can be a very dangerous situation.

-Sifu stance is vulnerable to gb, making it something you can't use all the time to attempt to dodge attacks. This is probably balanced as a dodge ability, but it can mess you up if you try to use it all the time and keep your stamina at maximum.

-His heavies have an awkward parry timing because they're very slow, but once people get used to them it'll be extremely easy to see it coming.

-Many players will feint a TON of their moves using Sifu stance, making turtling a very viable strategy against him. Sometimes, you just have to let stuff fly and hope they don't parry them.

If you have any other things I may have missed or any opinions on my analysis, please comment so we can build a bit of a "first impressions" thread.