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09-07-2018, 08:55 AM
You start with a total empty island group. Where you start at the edge and go deeper in and explore the region. together with the others (players or AI) but also the traders. because there are new colonies founded, the traders would settle in the region and would build their trading island like no one else can (between and in the mountains, rivers,... etc.) the island would be specially designed fotr them so you can't build on it so they can always start up. i know this is just cosmetic but it would be soo cool to see them build their trading post from scratch. It seems much more realistic in my opinion.

In my first idea i would say the trader islands would be special designed and we cannot settle on them or shoot them because they are neutral at any times. However if you would put even more diplomacies in the game, the traders could settle on any island and you should be able to provoque them and get at war with them if you choose so because that wouldn't be really smart but hey, its an option and very hard to do because they are the representatives of whole empires or nations and would get big support from outside the map. ;)
(best example here is the pirate hideout. it would be very strong (depending on the difficulty setting and if you don't want any corsairs any more: gather your ships and do a full scale attack or even multiple if nessessary. just the idea that there would be another option then always war or alliance forever.

About the pirates: if the pirates would be more like Anno 1602: they could expand and go to different islands (i think). so they would start building their hideout first and later on build some small pirate settlements that you could attack or even trade with.

I know this idea will probably be too late for anno 1800 but I hope you guys really are not gonna stop here. there are soo much other cool times to explore in the anno-universe. (first world war; the time of Greek, Rome and Egypt; antoher medieval; further future;...and much more) :D

09-07-2018, 10:15 AM
I love the idea for traders to set up port!
Also about going to war with them.
Not really for going to war with them but they go to war with you if you (don't) do certain stuff.
This could create additional personalities for them and give a greater replayability.
Perhaps a pacific trader who refuses to trade with you if you declare war to someone someone.
Or a trader who goes to war with you if you dont buy/sell certain amounts of goods with him.
A trader wich only trades with you if your people are happy
one who settles mostly in the north or the south of the map...
diffrent types of pirates like the pirate maniacs we always have known or the more diplomatic pirate like 1404 where you can just pay and he's leave you alone.

But back on topic the settlement could really give a nice extra touch. And for them to be placed on area's you con otherwise nt build on anyways is also a great idea.
A better one then complete small islands you can never settle. A bit like the special buildingsfrom npc's on 1404 but then they would have acces to the sea instead of the road.

but i feel they should not get to expansive either, their role as npc trader should remain, they should not act to much as a seperate player.

09-07-2018, 10:27 AM
My thoughts exactly, you nailed it! ;)
like anno 1404 with this: you do quests for the corsairs then Richard Northbrugh won't be pleased. if you keep doing this and don't do his quests then he will ask for help from the empire and they will send a fleet in to sort business out with you, or he doesn't want to trade with you any more ( probably no trading first and if you keep doing favours for the corsairs then he (the empire) goes to war with you).

09-09-2018, 11:53 AM
What kinda islands would those traders use? Islands we as players cant settle at?

09-09-2018, 02:30 PM
yeah, i would suggest so, but like stylisticsagi said: it would be cool to see them build a small trading port at an island you could settle and connect to them by land and sea and other players by sea. like the special buildings in the mountains but at the coast. But the first port they settle (the centre) would be on a special island designed for them.

09-09-2018, 03:24 PM
I like this idea, I'd love to see them settle after the fog has been cleared though

09-09-2018, 06:50 PM
I think it would be hard to do that.
The last pieces of fog can take a while before you have cleared it.
and what in mp games?
I think it is more sensible to have them a timer to settle.

But then again usually in the beginning you can get stuck if you can't produce tools...
So being able to buy them is essential.

09-10-2018, 10:37 AM
Well, yes that's true, but it would be fun to actually see them settle...

And I agree with ur point stylistic