View Full Version : Fix ques

09-05-2018, 11:42 AM
every time i look for a game from the main menu im 1 put in some random game thats basically done so i just get a loss for trying to play 2nd im rep 14 overall why am i being qued with rep 50s 3rd if i try to join a new match i just get put into the one i left the que system needs to be fixed 1 option to join fame in progress or a new game 2put reps with similar reps as in 0-3 rep differences no rep 10 should have to fight a rep 100 because you cant other to change your matchmaking system 3 if someone leaves a lobby or match they are some what banned from that 1 match for 5 minutes so they cant be reput into that lobby people want to fight other people not that same ones people want variety notthe same centurion or beserker mains