View Full Version : Full server side

09-04-2018, 11:26 AM
So there's at least one person in my team who has spent 2000 dollars on this game, and there are others who have spent just as much or more, but let's assume every team has one person who's spent 2k. Last season there were around 17000 people in legendary, 340 teams for those, so there's at least 680000 dollars spent there, and I'm sure the real cipher is higher than that, in other words when are we getting that full server side? I thought it was meant to be there in the summer break, I'm tired of the sudden lag that ends up reviving units or units not taking damage, or me simply not being able to deploy something in time.

Edit: Also, still can't believe with so much resources some bugs can linger for so long, other games disable the ability to even use stuff to not inconvenience players and fix it in 2 days, just get more programmers to your team to go through all of the messy code.