View Full Version : I can't access my autodance replays (XBOX ONE)

09-02-2018, 11:12 AM

Over a year ago we recorded a bunch of our autodance videos on Just Dance 2016 on the Xbox One with Kinnect.

I can see the thumbnails for all the videos we recorded in the game (under my profile).

I want to copy them to my PC so I can include them in some home videos.

I tried to share by the upload to JDTV option, but it says the accounts age is too young. It was under my sons account.
I have changed my sons age and removed all restrictions, but it still seems to lock out on age.
If i make new account, those video's are not there, they only in the original xbox account.

I also tried to share to facebook, which brings up a webrowser to put in facebook log in details. Which I do, it says facebook validated or whatever.
But then I go to back to the game and it still says facebook invalid.
I would also not want the videos if they go through Facebook conversion, which effectively shrinks the video format.

I removed the hard drive from the XBOX one and connected to my PC, I don't recommend this, 30 minutes spent to find out the PC just sees gibberish filenames.

I tried to access the files using a file manager app, but it seems to have very little access to the files.

How can i get these files?

01-27-2020, 05:53 PM
Autodance transfer always is a problem!

This forum shows various posts about difficulties from user who want to share videos.

So, i don't have the perfect solution but i know a way to don't lose the records and put they on PC.

Xbox One can record your gameplay if you push the button "XBOX" and then the button "VIEW" while you seeing the autodance video. Later you can transfer your gameplay to a pendrive and put on the PC. You can also edit the video on your PC to cut the scenes, frames...

Here a Youtube Video who shows more information:


01-30-2020, 04:42 PM
Hi Kophur,

Did you change the age on both the Xbox and the Ubisoft account ?
It may be the Xbox details that are preventing it.