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09-04-2018, 09:57 AM
I really like the idea of the tournaments going on special weekends or all weekends but I really don't like the idea of removing the standard rank when the tournament mode is live. Why does the standard rank Q need to go away when the tournament mode is here? The weekend is my favorite time to play and the whole labor day weekend the only way I could play rank was to play tournament mode. I will still for sure play the tournament mode when it comes out even with the standard rank Q active. I wanted to play a few tournament modes over the weekend but not commit fully to it because its the only rank mode available. I don't really want to play unranked but at the same time I don't want to waste so much time fighting the same 3 people in the 30 min tournament all weekend long. So basically what happened was I played a few tournaments and then I was forced to play unranked 1v1 or just quit playing since Im not a game mode player.

My whole point is to please consider rotating in the tournament mode for rank on weekends but please also just leave the standard rank mode available as well. Ill still play the tournaments to get the gear faster and the fun experience but I can't keep playing it all weekend and its hard to go back to non rank 1v1 at this point. I don't think forcing rank into tournament mode only will keep players from playing it even if the standard 1v1 Q is available. Also if every weekend its tournaments only that would be really sad as thats when I usually can play the most and really want the rank 1v1 mode to play. On 4v4 events like the special dominion mode were here the standard dominion was still here so I ask that 1v1 rank can become a standard as well. Thanks!! Id like to hear from others on this as well. Maybe even have a tournament only reward when it comes and that would be a cool reason to play that over rank. Anyway, Id like to see what others think.

09-05-2018, 09:22 AM
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