View Full Version : Why don't Joe Ramirez and John Kozak get catchy nicknames?

09-02-2018, 12:28 PM
Just something I was randomly wondering. Every other field operator gets a catchy nickname given to them by fellow Ghosts according to the unit history blurbs seen during GRW's installation process (on PS4, at least), but for whatever reason Ramirez and Kozak don't. With Ramirez, I kind of understand as he's been somewhat of a franchise mainstay since GR2, which was seemingly before the nickname tradition came to be, but why doesn't poor Kozak get one? At first, I thought Kozak was his nickname as a reference to the Cossacks due to him being the child of Russian immigrants, but that's obviously not the case.

I demand an answer to this from Ubisoft! And by "demand", I mean I humbly request.