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08-31-2018, 02:05 PM
Hello Ubi,

I'll be more than happy to buy the expansion for the Arcade mode but I'm a bit worried about the experience.

Will the new mode come along with an update to the bot's AI?

I play a lot of PvAI Dominion and the behavior of the bots can be very infuriating at times. It would be a real let down to pay for a new mode if such behavior remains the same...

For Dominion, I'm referring to such odd behavior as:

- Bots running right by a downed ally. Purposefully having a hero out of action for 10 seconds is very seldom the right choice.

- Downed Bot fading away in the middle of a revive. This should never, ever happen. I went out of my way to revive your sorry a**!

- Downed Bot fading away when an ally is within reach and not in active combat. (I'm not a coder but I'm sure certain conditions could be based on proximity.)

- I'm still not sure if Team Commands affect Bots or not. If they don't, they should. They do as I ask so seldom that, when they do, I have to think it's only coincidence. If I'm all by myself in zone A, I don't need the entire team to come and keep me company. I should be able to direct them to zones B or C. Calling for a revive should also have some effect.

- Bot idle in the middle of no where. There's never nothing to do! Go to zone B or boost zones A or C you slacker!

- Bot spending the whole game trying to walk through a wall due to faulty pathfinding.

- Bot standing by while I'm being ganked by two or more enemy bots.

- Bot standing beside me while I revive a downed bot. (Looks like its code told it to revive the ally and it won't do anything until the deed is done, whether it's by the Bot or myself.)

- Bot standing idle 2 meters from my corpse even though I'm mashing the "revive" button like mad.

- Bot running away from all objectives (may be to kill that very dangerous lone, stranded minion at the end of the map?). At least allow me to execute it for treason!

- Bot running into an empty enemy/neutral zone and running right out of it before taking it. (I have to run to the closest zone myself at the start of each game even if one (or more) Bot goes in the same direction because I don't trust it to actually secure the zone...)

- Bot running towards an empty enemy zone, looking like it's going to take it, stopping short of the zone, standing idly by for a few seconds, then running off in the opposite direction on some other errand.


PS: somewhat related topic. I'll have to buy the expansion through Steam because I got For Honor on Steam. Anyone knows if the refund policy applies to expansions? I'd like to know if I can purchase the expansion safely knowing that I can get a refund if the gameplay is disappointing.

08-31-2018, 02:23 PM
Well as far as I've seen so far, the arcade mode is straight up elimination style matches, and you fight alone or with a friend online.

There are 5 different tiers of difficulty and your gear level should be close to recommended or above. Each match has randomly generated arena's, enemy character's and certain debuffs and buffs for each side. A debuff like, constant bleed, no parrying, or buffs like 25% shield.

So I think most of what you're worried about won't be related to arcade mode, it's not objective based from what I've seen in the stream.

08-31-2018, 02:45 PM
Are you sure you are playing with bots lol?
seems like ubi implemented great random player like AI to their behavior xD

08-31-2018, 09:22 PM
Yeah, I know... As I was proof-reading, I kept telling myself "well, people do that too of course but..." :)

08-31-2018, 09:28 PM
Good to know, thanks! Wasn't entirely sure if there were objectives or not when comparing the trailer and their description.