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08-27-2018, 10:51 AM
I’ve seen some footage from the game including the building menu and after seeing needs and production chains from tiers 1-3 I want to share my opinion and maybe start a discussion about them as it’s an important part of Anno for me. I hope my feedback will be useful and that you will consider my suggestions. I will talk about production chains and needs dividing them into population tiers.

1. Farmers tier
I like that we have only two basic needs (fish and woollen smocks) just like in 1404 or 2070 but additionally we have one luxury need (schnapps). First production chains already indicate a more complex game as in 1404 or 2070 first production chains consisted only of one building (fish, cider, tea or alcohol). I also like that wood isn’t a building material, I love that we have to process it into timber. I also think it’s good that we need only a marketplace to advance while pub is optional.

2. Workers tier
Here we have three basic needs (sausages, bread and soap) and one luxury need (beer). I was thinking about additional luxury need but if we have another 2-3 luxury needs at engineer and 3-4 at investor level then I think it’s enough. It doesn’t increase the complexity too early which is good. We have chains of 2 buildings (bricks, sausages and sailcloth), 3 (bread, soap) and 4 (beams, weapons, beer).

I am really glad that bread is introduced early, at tier 2 (not like in 1404 at patricians level, needing spices before bread didn’t feel good for me). I like that there are two needs requiring the same resource (soap and sausages are made from pigs; bread and beer are made from grain; sheep farms are used again for sailcloth). I especially love the beer chain because it’s more complex than in 1404, now we need to process grain into malt first.

What could be improved is the soap chain. We produce tallow from pigs and then soap from tallow but in reality tallow isn’t enough, some alkaline chemicals are also needed. Could you maybe consider expanding the soap production chain?

3. Artisans tier
Here we have three basic needs (canned food, sewing machines, fur coats) and two luxury needs (rum and chocolate). I feel like we could have four basic needs and I know what the fourth need should be: newspapers.
There is no need or production chain for newspapers at least until engineer level. I think you might want to introduce newspapers (or books maybe) at later tier but it would be too late for me. Newspapers were getting really popular in 19th century and I feel like the need for newspapers has to be in the game and it has to be at least at the artisan level. They are the middle class and they should want newspapers as their basic need.
But I also saw that newspapers somehow affect population happiness? I guess it might be connected to the propaganda category in the influence feature but it’s something you haven’t revealed yet. I still hope that newspapers will be the actual good and need in the game besides having some impact on population.

But back to the existing production chains. We have chains of 3 buildings (rum), 4 (windows, fur coats, chocolate) and 5 (canned food, sewing machines). Complexity of production chains slowly increases, that’s good. I hope it will still increase at engineers and investors tiers.

I am not sure about sewing machines chain. I didn't expect to see something like that in the game. We have to supply population with clothes but also with sewing machines and I feel like clothes would be enough. But I would have to see what needs engineers and investors have to see if it actually suits other needs. And this chain uses iron and wood which are also used by many other production chains. I am a bit worried about the amount of lumberjack's huts and iron mines needed. I hope I won't have to spam the whole island with lumberjack's huts and use every iron deposit on every island.

We now need South America or trading to provide basic need (cotton for fur coats) and luxury needs (chocolate and rum). Initially after happiness blog I thought that the other session would provide resources required to produce only luxury needs but now we need it for one basic need. As moving to another session was supposed to be optional I hope it will be possible to buy enough cotton and other basic resources to supply even the biggest cities, that’s my biggest concern here.

What I absolutely love the most is the need for university to advance to engineers <3 But I am also worried about having too many public buildings needed. I will want to make my population happy so I will need marketplaces, pubs, schools, churches, theatres, universities and more later and also police stations, fire stations and hospitals. I am a bit afraid that I would need lot of space for these buildings and little space for houses would be left. I hope that the range of public buildings will be bigger than usually.

4. Engineers tier
Here we only know about light bulbs chain which consists of 5 buildings. We also know about pocket watches and steam machines. We saw bank in the trailer, I hope it's the last basic need allowing for the upgrade to investors. It would make sense for me to have coffee (made in America) as engineers' luxury need, it probably wouldn't be a complicated chain unless we add sugar or milk to it (or even both) - which would be great.

5. Investors tier
We know the gramophone production chain (6 buildings). Jewelry, champagne and steam cars were also teased. I hope investors will have many needs overall, maybe including some sophisticated food (maybe exotic fruits) or clothing as well.

South America
I hope we’ll have separate chains for goods needed only by American population and that these chains will also be quite complex. I would like it to be more complex than Orient in 1404. The most complex chain required 4 buildings which really isn’t much and most needs needed only 1 or 2. I really hope it will be different in 1800. I also want to have at least 3 tiers in America. I will accept 2 tiers only if their needs are more complex than oriental needs in 1404. As now different climate is in different session I hope that buildings such as harbour buildings have their own representation in America. In 1404 Orient had only their warehouse and shipyard...

I hope you will at least consider my suggestions (newspapers especially). I can’t wait for reveal of population tiers and their needs in America. I also want to know more about engineers and investors needs. I would like to know other Annoholics’ thoughts on this topic.

08-29-2018, 05:19 PM
For the South American population, I actually prefer to have 3 tier than having more complex needs. Having only 2 in 1404 ended up a bit boring for me, and I found a bit weird the difference that was building up between tier 1 and 2 the more need we unlocked.

08-29-2018, 07:04 PM
Yes, having only 2 tiers doesn't feel good because from the lowest population class you suddenly jump to the highest class. That's why I want at least 3 tiers, then you can have the middle class and the differences aren't so big.