View Full Version : How we loosing pvp tickets during locker event and how to fix it.

08-27-2018, 10:17 AM
Hello everyone

Talking about pvp tickets for those who are unaware, it's basically rip of since you loose a looker which normally has 45-100 pvp tickets with useless event material so in the end of the day you get similar amount of pvp tickets when you do theme event plus a good amount of coins long story short coin events is always better than pvp ticket events needless to say you can finish theme event of even if you hit locker limit plus you don't need to waist 2-3 days just to complete them, I can finish theme event in a day and go around my business unlike locker events if you want to complete them it takes at least 2 days..

For those who things, that you can buy coins with pvp tickets yes you can, but the amount of pvp tickets needed gets higher every time you buy 150 coins. So normally no one goes much more than 90pvp tickets otherwise you won't have enough pvp tickets to buy epic cards you need. So what happens next, oh yes you run out of coins and guess what locker event only gives you few extra pvp tickets no coins which leads to first statement theme events is superior to locker events.

In order for locker events to be some what on the same level as theme event they should add more pvp tickets to every pack so the last solo pack would have 500-750 pvp tickets and last team pack would have 750-1000pvp tickets

Just thing about it, you loose 1 locker out of 3 which gives you 45-100 pvp tickets it doesn't seem like much, but it does add up to a fare amount of pvp tickets so if you would add up all those lockers you get to complete event and guess what you open extra lockers just to get event locker which again should have pvp tickets so lets say to complete event you need 925 so multiply that by 2(since you get 15-50 event currency average will be around 25 if you lucky and lockers has 45-100 pvp tickets) you get 1850pvp tickets (it's more than 2000 since you opening extra lockers just to complete event)

So once you know that you loose around 2000 pvp tickets just to complete locker event lets count how much you get from solo event if you don't have a team.

Solo event pvp ticket rewards: 50+75+75+100+100+150+ 200+300=1050pvp tickets

If you lucky enough to have active team: 75+100 +100+200+250+300=1025 pvp tickets

lets add that up 1050+1025= 2075 pvp tickets in total from solo and team reward packs

So you only breaking even if you lucky. You loose atleast 1850pvp tickets and you gain 2075 if you are in active team.

2075-1850=225 pvp tickets and I am being generous the amount of extra lockers you have to open during those events just to get that locker means that you would end up with more pvp tickets which would be anywhere between 2500-3000pvp tickets so realy what you gaining out of locker events is just cards and material not pvp tickets.

The way everyone should thing during locker events how much do I loose pvp ticket wise and in game cash wise just to complete it.

Ok I said whats wrong now lets talk about what we can do in order to improve these locker events before it's too late and you loose even more players.

First suggestion would be as I said add more pvp tickets in reward packs so you would finish of at 750pvp tickets in solo reward packs and 1000 pvp tickets in team packs this way you would get something out of it

so solo packs: would be: 50+100 +200 +300 +400+500+ 600+750= 2900

and team event packs would be: 75+150 +250 +500+750+1000=2725

lets add it up 2900+2725=5625

Let's don't forget to minus 2000-3000 pvp tickets

so if you complete solo event 2900- 2000=900 pvp tickets lover limit
or 2900-3000+75(from team pack since you will be able to open it aswell) =-25pvp tickets upper limit so atleast you breaking even probably you are gaining some pvp tickets even if you are legendary player and silver shield players and below definately gaining some pvp tickets from completing solo event allone.

And if you have and active team you gain at least 2725 up to 3625 pvp tickets out of event.

Second Suggestion is to leave reward packs as they are now, but to give extra pvp tickets for players who completed event so lets say you completed event and you have over 1000 useless event material so after event been finished you could get reward pack same as you get one after challenge, but this time you would get x3 times pvp tickets so let's say people who completed whole event and collected 1000 event material will get 3x1000=3000 extra pvp tickets and let say someone who collected 10 event material will get 3x10=30 pvp tickets. So all these people who invest time and cash into event will be rewarded extra pvp tickets which works out roughly the same as first suggestion.

In my opinion 2 option is better than 1, because the ones who doesn't participate get 0 or very little and the ones who works they *** of during event gets the most pvp tickets out of it.

So you think what's in it for Redlynx and developer team? well you will get more money out of us like that simply, because we will have a reason why to complete these locker event, and go even further than we normally would plus there would be more of a friendly competition in team who will get the most pvp tickets after event.

Which overall will lead to less complaints about locker events in general less problems to deal for you guys.

Feel free to add your suggestions as well if you have any.

08-27-2018, 10:32 AM
Excellent analysis! It really highlights something I've been feeling lately as well. Events a few months ago used to be MUCH more generous with ticket rewards, to the point where I remember the final packs giving around 2k tickets themselves. I was routinely sitting on a stack of 30k-50k tickets. Obviously this has been toned down by nearly a factor of 10.

Maybe the rewards were a little too high previously, but they have been horribly slashed now to the point where you barely get a break even from the lock lockers as you note. Hope they will be raised up to at least tripple what they are now.

08-27-2018, 11:14 AM
Very valid point, I did not consider that at all.

On top of the fact that we don't get enough PVP tickets during these events, the packs do not have any coins so its also a loss there too

08-31-2018, 08:05 AM
It is the worst thing in the game to not give coins in any of the reward packs for the events, and then on top they do 3 straight events of locker type in a row. I can not upgrade any cards cause I have barely any coins. I have been waiting a month now 4 weeks for a card based event just so I can get some coins and it never comes. This has to be changed or what is the point of playing the game. I cant improve anything without coins

08-31-2018, 10:25 AM
It is the worst thing in the game to not give coins in any of the reward packs for the events, and then on top they do 3 straight events of locker type in a row. I can not upgrade any cards cause I have barely any coins. I have been waiting a month now 4 weeks for a card based event just so I can get some coins and it never comes. This has to be changed or what is the point of playing the game. I cant improve anything without coins

You can exchange coins for pvp tickets in the shop. I believe they give some pvp tickets through events so that's basically your coins. That doesn't mean I'm rich in coins though and these events suck and are dreaded by players. Other people myself included gave easy to implement changes to improve their current system, like awarding points based on bars and giving some points to both even if there's a tie without broken bars, but they never considered these, makes you lose faith in the game huh, some of my fellow team mates are discovering hatred and is all thanks to Redlynx.

09-17-2018, 05:36 AM
First Yes you can exchange pvp tickets for coins in pvp shop, and most of us does that, however I only go up to 90 pvp tickets, otherwise I am loosing too many of them and obvious thing happens one of the epics which I am buying out shows up in shop and I am low on pvp tickets. So yes you can buy some coins with pvp tickets, but I personally wouldn't recommend going mad on them there is simply better things to buy with them.

Second yes I am normally low on coins as well

Third I did offer solutions previously as well for various problems with little no success at all.

Forth I wasn't getting any cash from first few team event packs was that visual bug or redlynx trying to find even more ways to rip us of?

And last, but not least I lost quite a few teammates, because of problems like these loads of complains little to no action I mean just look at this post over to weeks 0 response from community manager or developers.... Lets just ignore it until it's goes away so typical of Redlynx.

09-18-2018, 02:19 PM
The simple fix is make lockers behave as usual but ADD the event items to the existing lockers. So I open a 100 ticket locker AND get the 50 event items.

09-18-2018, 02:55 PM
That's an idea I don't think I've heard suggested before, Armageddon08. So it would be like a double-stuffed locker, with two prizes in one?

09-19-2018, 07:43 AM
Wow, good idea Armageddono8, that sounds like the perfect fix!