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08-25-2018, 03:35 PM
So I'm not really full of myself enough that I take ranked seriously, and I am also not full enough of myself that I worry about my rank when it came up, I have said for a while I know full well I am not elite gamer level and that I spend most of my time in objective mode type games which I feel I do better in given I can handle 1vx and play to how my character gains renown.

That being said, is it a deliberate thing that the people I come across in there have at least twice the latency that you come across in duel? My latency for both regular duel and ranked tends to be around 15, I have never seen anyone in ranked with less than 30 and often I have seen people between 80 and 150. I remember reading somewhere that the game is in its natural state when sum of the latencies of both people is below 100, should people who are near or even above that be in ranked? Because while I don't mind that I am starting low I have no incentive to try and improve it when meeting one 150 latency opponent could undo any good I did towards that in the last match.

I don't know if ranked is more popular in my mmr with people in the countries with poorer internet structure or if people are deliberately downloading or uploading stuff, but while I am not saying people should be able to quit ranked, Ubisoft did the right thing in cracking down on it, people know what their latency is when they start throwing warden, aramusha and orochi lights, other than a couple of centurions that is all I saw in twenty or so matches. My last two games were a loss against a 150 latency warden and an 80 latency orochi I only beat because I knew he was an orochi main having fought him in my qualifying matches and picked kensei to dodge cheese him and that isn't a fun way to have to play the game.

08-25-2018, 04:49 PM
I find latency a huge issue in this game due to the tight windows for everything. Anyone with a ping over 60 can be an issue and pings over 100 are impossible to play against. I've seen my attacks connect and have thrown the second swing only to have my first attack parried after I've seen it connect and I eat the counter because I already threw the follow up. There's nothing Ubi can do about it to be fair as the quality of the players internet connections are outside of their control. I suppose they could attempt to matchmake similar pings, but somebody could join with a ping of 20 then find it jumps to 120 because their sibling starts streaming or something. Too many variables.

08-25-2018, 05:00 PM
I don't think 10-20 ms is fair too tbh (they also teleport), here the server is in other country and they get a unfair advantage in games, for example with p2p i was able to parry most 500ms attacks, now it's really hard to do it unless i know it's coming, bad decision using servers in a fighting game 1vs1 mode. For 4vs4 it's ok, it's a party game in that mode, winning or losing cause of lag doesn't matter that much.

But nobody used servers on 1vs1 fighting games modes, nobody and it's for a very good reason.

I asked them to leave custom modes and 1vs1 - 2vs2 modes with P2P but they decided to go with servers for all modes.