View Full Version : Nuxiaís unblockable/unparryable attack

08-24-2018, 06:45 PM
So Nuxia has an attack that canít be blocked or parried. The only way to counter it is to attack or dodge.

If it is a slow mixup, I can see how you can light attack her out of it. However, if itís a fast mixup then I can see a lot of people dodging.

I wonder if the unblockable/unparryable attack can be cancelled into a GB. If it can, it would be a better version of all the unblockable mixups other characters have bc it canít be parried.

Iím too old for this ****.

08-24-2018, 08:27 PM
Nah, m8. You don't even need to dodge. During the Warrior's Den, someone clearly said that changing your guard stance would be enough to nullify her trap attacks. I haven't seen any of her trap attacks getting feinted either so I guess that's out of the question.

I think her trap attacks are similar to PK's heavy>GB soft-feint: If you don't parry and just wait to see what she does you can easily counter Nuxia's trap attacks. People who think that she will be some kind of anti-turtle character will be disappointed.

08-24-2018, 09:13 PM
So if you change your guard to the opposite side sheís attacking then she canít grab your weapon?

08-24-2018, 10:05 PM
Her heavy attack and zone attack are the two attacks that she can turn into trap attacks via pressing the guard break button. Both attacks can be feinted as well.
Her zone is 1000ms which is raiders zone for frame of reference in terms of speed. and her heavy attacks are 800ms from neutral or in combo. So speed wise they are telegraphed quite a bit.
The trap activating window is the same as most other soft feints at 400ms. We don't know if they can vary speed wise yet. But i'm assuming no since majority of soft feints can't be varied.

The trap will grab you if you are: Blocking/superior blocking/parrying/deflecting in the same direction as the attack. However it can't grab you from your non stance position. Meaning you can't use a right heavy to trap grab someone who has their guard in the left direction. Attacking (which also means crushing counters) and dodging are the two other ways to escape the trap. As far as external parrying/blocking/superior blocking/deflecting goes if you're already in the process of doing one of those actions she can't grab you with a trap.

As an example. If you were lawbringer and I was nuxia and I had a warden ally with me. If he chooses to do his valiant break through and you block it I can't immediately hit you with a trap because you're in the process of blocking it. Same goes for parries and what not. The only time her trap WILL work in an external guard situation is if her trap lands first.

So again same heros from last example. me and warden attack roughly at the same time but my trap lands first. Even if you were locked onto him instead of me as long as my trap lands in the direction it needs to it will grab you since my attack landed first.

Supposedly if she whiffs her trap shes GB vulnerable for a decent bit of time. I don't know where this info came from but this is what I heard. As far as revenge parrying on activation goes i'm unsure how that will work. I would imagine it would grab the revenge person but i'm not sure if the auto parry counts as a defensive action or not. It should word on full block stances regardless of the trap direction. And for the people who go into stances via holding an attack button (thighlander and shaolin) I don't think the trap will interact with either. But i'm not sure if those count as offensive actions or not.

The main take away here is she's a hard counter for turtles and people who rely on option selecting.