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08-24-2018, 06:38 PM

(New site)


Hello everyone!

It’s been more than a year since I started collecting data from the game and gathered everything in the spreadsheet that I’m sure you already know of. I’ve had a great time creating the spreadsheet and I learned a ton. Some time ago I made a survey in the spreadsheet asking if people were interested in having the spreadsheet on a website instead. The main response was that the spreadsheet took a long time to load and wasn’t very mobile friendly. Knowing that the community wanted a fast loading site with all data that were previously available on the spreadsheet and easy to navigate through I started creating a website.

I’m now at the point where I want to announce my new website. I simply can’t keep hiding it anymore, I'm too excited! A simple google search and people will know what’s up. It already happened a few days ago but luckily it was only leaked within close contacts!

https://www.sppdstats.com (https://www.sppdstats.com/)

##The website contains the following content:

General information and news

1. All cards (In development) It’s a big one and will take some time.
2. Card stats + comparing cards (In development) It’s gonna be huge.. and it takes time to develop.
3. Material tables
4. New Kid’s stats
5. Pvp rewards
6. Shopping area
7. Spending cash?
8. Events and rewards
9. Ranking system
10. Redlynx’ weekly streams

Tips and tricks

1. How to guide
2. First hit units
3. Cracked lockers

Community created content

1. Challenge mode and friendly fight stats (Update is coming. It will probably be implemented with the cards stats…)
2. Tier lists for legendary rank, Challenge mode and friendly fight
3. Polls and surveys
4. Live streamers
5. And a blog. Do you want to be a part of the blog? Do you want to create some guides? Let me know. If this gets a lot of attention I might even make a place just for decks and community guides!

Let me know what else you want to see on the site. Maybe a tab just for your favorite South Park music?

Ok, so that’s the new website on the computer. It gets even better now. Hold your horses.
The https://www.sppdstats.com (https://www.sppdstats.com/) is fully compatible with mobile devices! (Maybe not some tables, gonna be fixed though ;) )

I would gladly take any help I can get creating the two big sites (all cards and card stats). If you are strong with python or other programming tools this might be a thing for you ;) I have sweet layouts ready that “just” has to be programmed.

Alright, that’s the news. I hope you like it! I do!

What’s going to happen with the spreadsheet?

Well, I’m currently not entirely sure if it’s going to be of any use for the community moving forward as I hope https://www.sppdstats.com (https://www.sppdstats.com/) will replace it completely. Once I got the card stats and all cards tabs up and running on the website I hope to implement tables there too so in the end there really isn’t much use of the spreadsheet. We will see what happens.

One last honor for the spreadsheet and what it contains:

There are currently still many people using the spreadsheet even though all the cards and stats are completely outdated. I’m thrilled to see people want to stick around. Thank you!
It was a great run; many many many many hours were spent creating the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet contains approximately 40.000 words and approximately 250.000 characters. That is a lot of keys strokes; I punished that num-pad pretty hard… I had fun creating it. :)

What’s going to happen moving forward?

I’ll update the website just as often as I updated the spreadsheet (daily/week). I’ll listen to the contacts and the feedback that the community provides! So stay vocal!
Having to write every number in the spreadsheet was an insane amount of work and it got to be automated moving forward. With the recent release of the scaling patch the spreadsheet has no value anymore. RIP

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading through and make sure to visit the website if you want the latest news about South Park Phone Destroyer, tip and tricks and much more!

Have a great weekend!

- Bounceeet