View Full Version : Next Halloween Event

08-24-2018, 05:25 PM
2017ís Halloween was the first event that brought us Mask Outfits and Seasonal Emotes (howling werewolf).

My questions about this yearís Halloween are:

1) Will we get a new mask or will we get a discount in the existing one from 20k to 15k?
2) Now that theme Weapons have been added for other seasons....is Halloween going to have theme weapons?
3) Similar to question 1, will we get new effects, ornament and outfit or just the opportunity to get them again? (aramusha and chaman were not available at that time so they are still pending)
4) Howling Emote....is it will be available again?

Finally, I would like to suggest that any seasonal emote after a year of it release should be available all the time....that could be nice