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08-24-2018, 12:17 PM
Hello everybody,

For this years Gamescom I had planned to play ANNO 1800 at the booth. Normally I think GC is too crowded, snakes are too long (it's possible to have very short waiting times during the week around 7pm to 8pm) and the sessions are too short. But for ANNO 1800 I made an exception. One reason for that was probably that we have to wait until February 2019 for the release.

The playable was unfortunately limited to a 20 minute session, but understandable in the context of Gamescom.
As a longtime annoholicer, I've taken the trouble to watch a few things from the queue to get into the game as fast as possible and to see a lot.
A close look at the interface helped me a lot (at the beginning everything is always very confusing for new games).

After a very short time of getting used to, the ANNO feeling was immediately there. The first clicks and handles were familiar and almost reflexive.
Expand the wood production to build more and faster.
Build farmhouses.
A new fisherman's hut to quickly meet the basic needs of food.
Send the ship on a discovery tour.
Liquor production and a tavern for the farmers to increase the satisfaction, so that faster farmers pull in the houses and leave more money there.
Everything is very familiar.

Here, the new Blueprint feature has proven to be very cool and useful. No building material available? Nevertheless, set the building and the roads and upgrade as soon as the material is available.

To the point where the first inhabitants can ascend.
Here, I actually underestimated the new feature with the workforce. Due to my fast playing stick I had some difficulties.
If you only build the most necessary construction at the latest then you will encounter some problems.
After the upgrade, the farmers are lost as labor and the new workers do not want to be employed as farmers (makes sense).
If you want to have a fast development of your village you have to plan big early and build new houses throughout.
Also, the number of residents in houses is rising slowly.

We could already see the graphics and the love of detail on the ANNO-Union page, but zooming in myself and watching is something else. I had to stop me several times, I only had 20 minutes!

Then the session was already over.
The new manpower feature calls for a rethinking of a long-time fan like me. A nice change (at least at the beginning).

I'm curious how the new features intertwine and how the endgame will stand out from the other ANNOs.
Potential to thrust ANNO 1404 - Venice as my favorite from the throne is definitely present.

First impression: just great! The entry into the game is familiar and enriched with something new. I am looking forward to more!


08-25-2018, 09:23 AM
Hey Twolf

This is the English Forum, unless you're planning to translate this post I think it's better to post it in the German Forum (https://forums-de.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/739-Anno-1800-Allgemeine-Diskussionen-amp-Feedback)