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08-23-2018, 10:16 PM
Few moments ago I played elimination, the first round we won, and then begun the second round, that was the f***ing shinobi, who spammed light attacks, how parry this s**t? He can spam it forever, you cann't block all (if you can at least something), if you assassin (I was Gladi) all get worse, I have a really good reaction, 3rd platinum rank, can parry Warden top light attack or Kensei forward dodge + light, but this one is unblockable, when I played shinobi I used spam tactic in critical situation, and it always work, and his zone attack, first part of it is unblockable too, because assassins have temporary stance. The third round was the same, I met orohci, strain every muscle of your finger and tried to parry every hit, all 6-8 was missed, with bots I don't have such situation, I can miss one, second will be parried, this problems appear only in multiplayer. And such problems exist from february (time I started to play), and nobody repair it.

08-23-2018, 10:24 PM
Don't go for parries, just block them. You're probably getting hit by Orochi lights because you're trying to parry them instead of just blocking. Playing against local bots is completely different to playing online simply because of ping. There's not much Ubi can do about that. I play on PC with a wired connection to my router and my ping varies between 10 and 20, it's mostly around 12 - 15 though. You're probably on WiFi and have a ping of around 50 and that's not going to help you when it comes to parrying 400ms light attacks. If you want to improve the situation, connect your console to your router with a cable. The difference will be immediate and significant.

08-23-2018, 10:57 PM
Sadly the game vs bots and the game vs players online is drastically different on, console anyway.

You see the full animations from bots, lag on the connection and input / display means console players barely see 2/3 of players animations online.