View Full Version : After today's Warrior's Den, I am really afraid for my Lawbringer! (Devs please)

08-23-2018, 09:30 PM
This post is headed towards the Devs, and I seriously hope for a reply.

After watching today's Warrior's Den, I saw so much epic stuff for the Wu Lin Heroes. Weapon hooking, new mechanics, tons of easy-accessable unblockables and very advanced and complete Heroes in general ... the new Heroes have it all.

I am not about critisizing anything, but they are way beyond the current rooster, and even the reworked ones.

In my mind S5-Reworks were really good, but the S6-Reworks + Valk from S7 are insufficient reworks.

Valk become very shallow, since her rework (eventhough she is stronger).
Orochi is light spam, but his kit still seems incomplete somehow. Not many other options.
PK got a deserved nerf on damage, but she is the most shallow Hero to play. She is the queen of light spam, and the rework didn't give her a new move or something beside the improved bleed and dagger cancel. Some new stuff like a back-stab mechanic would have fit her very well in 4vs4 as an Assassin.

There are no new mechanics, to really distinguish them from other Heroes.

After a few "insufficient" reworks (just my opinion) and after watching the new Heroes ... I really fear the Lawbringer (my main) to get a cheap treatment, that doesn't come near to the Wu Lin Heroes and it would actually be unfair to such a cool looking and intimitating Hero.

I just have the strong feeling, that he will be next, and the Devs seemingly put a lot of ressources in the new content, and how much will be left for LB then ... it's unlikely that any Hero will get a second rework with potentially new animations.