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08-23-2018, 05:56 PM
Greetings dear The Settlers fans.

The announcement happened that not long ago but I'm sure you have a lot of questions already.

We're planning to answer the most pressing questions from the community in bigger Q&A articles on our website (especially if the questions require a little bit more elaborate responses or consultation with the devs) but smaller questions we of course answer in the meantime, too.

So, let us know what you're most curious about!

Please note: This thread is for collecting & answering questions only. Please discuss and speculate the new Settlers in separate threads to keep this one tidy - thank you :)

08-29-2018, 03:19 PM
OK I am going to break the ice on the English forum. I will post one question per post.

Upgrading buildings how does it work? For me the 3 slots upgrade type in Settlers 7 didn't feel natural, I like more the way it was in Settlers 6 with the buildings adding an extra floor.

08-29-2018, 03:23 PM
Tell us more about the expansion mechanics, it has been mentioned that sectors are out. What I disliked in the other versions is the sector destruction on capturing,
give me the possibility to choose what I wanna do with it.

08-29-2018, 03:26 PM
Could you shed some light about the single player scope.Campaign, custom maps... An estimate duration for completing a big map while taking the relaxed route?

That is it for now don't want to spam the forum.

08-30-2018, 06:54 AM
Will there be a map editor? If so: to what degree will we be able to create custom maps?

08-30-2018, 09:14 PM
Will this be available on Xbox One?

09-03-2018, 10:49 PM
Will there be a longass campaign with expansions? I want so many expansions.

09-06-2018, 03:31 AM
Will there be a "no war" mode, like a build the biggest town or someghing like that? I sould realy like to play this with my 6 year old..

09-12-2018, 12:32 PM
Will there be any changes to multiplayer?

Like, different gamemodes that some Settlers lacked or will you keep to the original?

10-11-2018, 01:31 AM
Will we be able to play the game without an Internet connection?
Or online at all times will be required?

10-15-2018, 08:54 PM
In S2 I had a lot of fun colonising different islands. Can you tell us something about the way ships will be used? Will we get military ships? Will we get boats to make waterways? And are there going to be options to make land colonies via trade carts or something?

I like seeing a lot of ships sailing and carts riding around.

10-16-2018, 12:30 PM
Will there be running rivers in the game? It would be interesting to see them as a geographical challenge (bridges etc) and as a resource (fish, water wheels, mills)

10-19-2018, 12:13 AM
A fun part for strategy games to me is building tall instead of going wide. Is it possible to make a small elite village, based on trade and research/upgrades? Is there a big intended difference between going tall or wide?

10-19-2018, 03:29 PM
As you probably noticed we had two FAQs shortly after gamescom to answer some of the most pressing questions we got.
We're planning on another FAQ, answering some more questions, and want to thank you for posting even more here.Apologies if we didn't answer your specific question yet, with devlopment being in progress some things aren't final yet or still likely to change.
And some topics, like "building upgrades"are going to have their dedicated blog ;)

Small spoiler: There are upgrades and therefore the option to build "tall instead of going wide" ;)
And I can also answer Fritz_'s question: No always-on requirement for The Settlers.

10-24-2018, 03:55 PM
Plz plz plz, answer this question.

Will you release a map editor?

A map editor is absolutely necessary for this game.
It will greatly increase the longevity of the game.

12-19-2018, 06:19 PM
bonjour pour the settlers 2 je trouve sa dommage que vous ayez enlevé la case option dans le menu du jeux pourtant présent dans l original et qui permet entre autre de changer la résolution du jeux car la impossible de passé en mode 1920x1080 cela aurait été un changement bien vu pour une réédition du jeux car pourtant disponible dans the settlers 2 10 ème anniversaire et je suppose que le problème est aussi pour the settlers premier du nom donc si cela pouvait venir avec une mise a jour ce serait top merci

12-21-2018, 10:19 AM
As we can see in the trailer the lands are looking quit small. We don;'t want that :) Please create large / gigantic maps for the new Settlers with many possibilities, such as a giant Armys as in part 3 or 4. Many fans refer to part 3 or 4. I hope that there is something for everyone, but also for the old loyal fans .

02-08-2019, 03:59 PM
Hi, Will there be random generated maps?
It makes the game infinitely playable and if we get multiplayer it would stop any map knowledge advantage.
If random maps are not possible, how about resource randomisation? So if its a map you already played, you don't know exactly where the underground resources are.

02-08-2019, 11:45 PM
Will there be direct control of the military units?
I prefer the mechanic of the early games where battles take place automatically. This increases the strategy of the game and stops "build and rush" gameplay.

03-15-2019, 06:48 PM
Please, please, please, tell me; will The Settlers be released for consoles?!

(This is one of my childhood games and I can’t afford a gaming PC but I do have a PS4...there are several PC strategy game ports on PS4 so there is a demand for strategy games there).

03-26-2019, 01:29 PM
Hi, i have a couple of questions:

Will there be any weather effects?
Will you add sea exploration from launch or maybe in an expansion?
My wife and I love playing Settlers 7 together. Will there be a co-op mode?

Keep up the good work. Can't wait for release :)

05-23-2019, 08:12 PM
Question: Camera Controls - Full Camera control - top down zoom out view?
I really enjoy how Anno 1800 handles the Camera Controls. Will Settlers allow us to have same camera control?

06-05-2019, 12:50 PM
Will there be multiple races to choose from!?
And if so, will they look different, have different buildings, different advantages?

I absolutely loved in The Settlers IV, that you could choose between 4 races/players and that there was a Dark Tribe.
They all had there own building styles, different advantages and I really hope the new Settlers have even more races to choose from :D

06-07-2019, 11:37 AM
Can we expect a greater diversity of the settler characters, im kinda missing tall skinny and short chubby ones ?

Best Wishes

08-20-2019, 06:24 PM
Will there be a collector´s edition?

08-21-2019, 10:17 AM
We saw the new trailer of The Settlers: Alliance. on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLSIELJ0qKo (around 1:14). Do i need to worry about helmets Armor and uniforms? It's nothing like previous Settlers to fight without it.

01-23-2020, 07:03 AM
will The new Settler have Procedural generated maps? so Every time we play we get a new unknown map?

01-23-2020, 01:19 PM
will The new Settler have Procedural generated maps? so Every time we play we get a new unknown map?Yes :)

04-12-2020, 09:31 PM
Will the Dynamic Time of Day from the Settlers 2 10th Anniversary be making a return to this iteration of The Settlers?

Will there be a Dynamic change of weather to compliment the living world you have strived to create?

04-14-2020, 04:33 PM
Will the Dynamic Time of Day from the Settlers 2 10th Anniversary be making a return to this iteration of The Settlers?

Will there be a Dynamic change of weather to compliment the living world you have strived to create?Hey Steve, currently neither of these features are planned for The Settlers.
We do, however, have different bioms which provide visual as well as gameplay related difference.
One of them, the Midlands, we introduced here a few weeks ago:

04-26-2020, 09:19 PM
Just a couple questions that I can think of right now hope its not too many!

Question: Will we be able to customize the colors of out Settlers and Armies?

Question: Will this game utilize Multicore CPUs properly for better performance?

Question: Will there be any sort of modding tools available?

Question: With Multiplayer, will 2 players be able to control 1 Army/Team or do we each have our own Armies to control?

Question: With the Procedural Map Generation, will we be able to define certain options for the map generations?

Question: Will there be a "Free Cam" mode for more cinematic views?

Question: Will we be able to make ships or have ship fights? and if not, could this be something to think about moving forward after release? (Bit like how Anno does it)

Thanks for taking a look at some of these questions.

04-29-2020, 02:19 PM
Hey, please understand we can't answer all questions quite yet (development still in progress) and may also keep some topics specifically for a later date :)

Regarding technical questions we can say that our team is working on optimizing the game for as many different setups as possible while making use of the available hardware resources optimally. Please keep in mind the game is still in development and we can therefore not communicate any final system requirements for the game.

Currently we have no info to share on the topic of mods.

Generally each player will control their own faction. And you will be able to specify certain parameters for skirmish maps to adjust it to your preferences. Any specific wishes on this from your side?

At the moment you're not able to controls ships or have ship combat. However, ships play an important role in the game (see population and harbor system as well as your colony ship) and we will touch on that topic again a bit later. The focus of the game lies on your expansion on land.

06-18-2020, 05:20 PM
YES PLEASE i would love me some different races with different troops ! and building esthetics and different food types this would be EPIC !

07-15-2020, 05:35 PM
You will never finish the game.

You are thieves.

Taking money from people and not willing to refund it if You are asked for it.

07-15-2020, 06:13 PM
Following our recent announcement regarding the delay (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/a-message-from-the-the-settlers-team/) we're cancelling all existing pre-orders.
Your vendor / shop will contact you shortly with the details. If not, please reach out to your vendor.