View Full Version : Ghost modes bugs

08-22-2018, 02:58 AM
I have played the game since it came out and love it but this ghost mode has to many bugs to actually get far on i have died twice from glitches in the game when I switched guns both times my character pulls nothing out and has nothing in his hand to shoot so I end up getting killed because of it and on top of that the game said I had all the weapon cases yesterday and then I come back to it and it shows i have none so this is really making me not want to play it at all because you play for so long and then because of a bug or whatever causes it to happen I die and have to start all over is total bull I fear that this will be the reckoning for the game because people want the exo suit but have to make it all the way through it to get any of it is just outragiuos in my opinion wheter it matters are not and on top of paying 30 bucks for the 2nd year pass together nothing at all from it is just as much b.s. also I spent all of my prestige points out crates just to get 17 items I already had and 3 new ones how dumb is this. This is my first time bashing the game but something has to be done about all of this