08-21-2018, 11:32 AM
My idea was born even before the advent of the perk, it was an alternative to the "renown" option in the moveset but, with the advent of the perks, I modified and recreated specific perks, 1 for each hero with his precise characteristics.

Know that, this is just an idea for this perk system (which we'll see in season 8).

NOTES: If it seems too long, I kindly ask you to read the perk of your main hero and tell me if you like or what you would change, thanks.

specific perk:

1) one for each hero

2) obtainable only from rep. 8 onwards.

3) perk rare (looking in the warriors ' den a few weeks ago, we see the graph of perks).

WARDEN Perk: SOLDIERS 'PROTECTOR: all minnions within 3 meters of the warden have: + 100% dmg, + 25% speed but warden has -20% sprint speed.

RAIDER Perk: LEGENDARY SUPPORT: after executed an execution, all allies alive, receive + 15% dmg for 30 seconds. Note: The damage and the time can not be accumulated with the presence of multiple raiders executions or executions maded during the active buff. In case of execution while the buff is active, ONLY the heroes returned to life who did not get the first buff can get the latter.

KENSEI Perk: PRESENCE OF THE DAIMYO: as long as the kensei is alive, all non-kensei allies receive: + 10% stamina regen / + 10% exaustion recovery.

WARLORD Perk: RESPECT FOR THE COMPANIONS: at every assist kill or revive, it takes 10 of health and if it exceeds its maximum health, it becomes shield but he recive less renown on these actions (-15%).

CONQUEROR Perk: LESS SHIELD MORE FLAIL: shield bash costs more stamina (+ 10%) but all attacks with the flail cost less stamina (-15%).

SHIGOKI Perk: IMPONENT PRESENCE: when he's in a base, his defense increases by 25% but his speed is reduced by 40%.

PEACEKEEPER Perk: Dark ANGEL: assist kill, dishonorable kill, minnions and capitains kill, give more renown (+ 30%), honorable kills and revive ,give less renown (-20%)

BERSEKER Perk: ALONE ANIMAL: heavy attack deal more dmg (+ 15%), but his attacks do not have frendly fire towards his teammates. NOTES: to identify that a berseker is playing with this Perk, you will see an axe near the Nickname.

OROCHI Perk: COUNTER ATTACKS SPECIALIST: less dmg of light attacks combo and startup (-10%), more dmg for Storm rush, side dodge light ,deflect,back dodge light (+ 15%)

LAWBRINGER Perk: DIVINE PUNISHMENT: who gives the final shot to the LAWBRINGER (of any type including the ledge) receives 40 of maximum damage (does not kill so if the enemy has less than 40 life, health goes to 1point)

VALKYRIE Perk: SUPPORT OF ODIN: every 2 minutes receives 50 health in the form of a shield, if she dies, the timer resets and starts again when he comes back to life. NOTES: CAN NOT be accumulated, In case of death, ahe obtains the shield it if she get a revive or as soon as the respawn time ends while at the beginning of each game or round (for elimination) he obtains it after 2 minutes of the start.

NOBUSHI Perk: PROTECTOR OF THE WEAK: make a revive to the allies, conquer the base B, protect a base if someone invades it, provides + 25% defense for 20 seconds (75 seconds of cooldown)

CENTURION Perk: ROMA VICTORIA: each Base conquered or offering put to the altar, made by the centurion, provides + 10% defense to the allies and himself for 10 seconds.

HIGHLANDER Perk: ATTACK & DEFENSE: -10% attack but + 10% defense in DF stance, + 10% attack but -10% defense in OF stance.

SHINOBI Perk: CLOSE RANGE FIGHTER: damage of all Range attacks and reduced heavy ebd chains (-15%), damage of Heavy startup, deflect, parry counter attack increased (+ 15%).

GLADIATOR Perk: ARENA CURSE: more renown (+ 50%) for Honorable kills and 2v1 kills (he outnumbered), less renown on assist kills (-75%).

SHAMAN Perk: WITCH MARK: every time an enemy is bitten by the shaman, he can be seen on the map by shaman allies until the shaman bites someone else (even when he dies and returns to life).

ARAMUSHA Perk: MERCENARY: BONUS on renown (+3% max 30%) for every action that give you renown to him except: killing minnions , contesting zones.