View Full Version : How To Fix Ranked

08-20-2018, 11:02 AM
Ranked mode can be fun but is hampered by connection issues. For Honour just isn't ready for a ranked playlist; disconnections are common and the penalty for leaving is harsh. I have been attempting to play ranked for the first time this month, and around a quarter of all games I've played there has been some sort of connection issue. Generally the game freezes on the character stand-off screen, but sometimes I'm disconnected at the very start of the match despite no WiFi issues on my side. Having looked at the forums I can see that these issues are common.

I propose a fix. Remove the punishment for leaving but only when it is before the end of the first round. From round two, keep the penalties to prevent players avoiding losses. The vast majority of disconnections occur before the game starts, and leaving on round one provides no real advantage to the player leaving.

This would be a useful temporary solution until the servers and game are up to scratch.