View Full Version : Asking for Help. Steam / Ubisoft accounts

08-17-2018, 11:42 PM
No idea whether this is the right topic to post this thread in but it's the most active one so there's higher chance for a reply

This is complicated for me to explain but, uh okay let's start

(Background) I own Steam account that has Rainbow Six siege on it, therefore to play it, I had to make ubisoft account, and whenever I want to play R6, Steam launches it through uplay ( through my uplay account ) So this uplay account is linked to my steam account.

Now the problem.

On PC I own For Honor starter edition, but only on uplay, not on steam, though, the uplay account is the one that is connected to my steam. If I bought for honor on my steam account, could I add it into my uplay account library? (yeah sounds weird, i don't know how else could I explain it)
The point is, I think that if I would buy For Honor through my Steam account, and tried to launch it, it wouldn't let me play it through my uplay account but i'd have to create new

Did anyone try it already, that would be willing to help?

well thanks for any reply in advance