View Full Version : Safe seax with the Shaman

08-16-2018, 02:46 AM
I think they missed an opportunity to you have the shaman have a seax knife, it would be really cool if Ubisoft released 1 seax knife that those who wanted to could change the look of all of her weapons

08-16-2018, 11:24 AM
For those who aren't sword-fetishists:
A seax (or sax) is the generic term for single bladed swords from scandinavia and other germanic areas ranging between 400-1100 (after zombie Jesus). There really isn't one design, or one way a sax can look, but these are swords or knives made for combat, not utility. They are sometimes called scamaseax (woundling sax). A special trait about saxes is that they were worn horizontally at the lower back with the edge up. As is apparent from this picture: