View Full Version : What I'd like to see added to For Honor

08-14-2018, 04:48 AM
1. a four faction four team giant battle with skeleton minion damage type soldier...I'm talking an epic battle like Warhammer style only with actual players for the warlords. I've thought of a way to do this without any downtime for anyone so no one gets bored if their team dies early on.
2. Two executions:
A. Shugoki: lifts a person up by the wrists and rips off one of the opponents arms, the enemy falls onto Shugoki's knee where he then starts to spank the enemy with his own arm....for the salty players out their.
B. For all players execution: some form of helped Seppuku...respectful like.
3. A. Val rework, revamp. she was weaker before but more fun and fluid to play.
B. Shugoki rework where he doesn't loose his hyperarmor or wall splat demons embrace...and gets an opener.
4. More tactical dpad to cordinate with other players and bots in multiplayer.
5. No parry on heavy and harder on lights like a deflect. take away revenge. take away unblockables.
6. Balance out the feats or get rid of them. Make the game for enviromental kill friendly like random catapults, arrows, tar.
7. Add a familiar animal to each class that prevents ganking. If you are having a 1v1 and someone tries to gank, the animal will attack that person. Call it a buffer.