View Full Version : Ganks in 4v4 are not fun for both teams

08-12-2018, 07:31 PM
In my opinion 4v4 is as uncompetitive as it can get. Running around in a deathball is way to effective and countering it is close to impossible (except the map is very big and you can sneak all flags from them) because croud controll shuts you down and all the reworks have given the characters so fast attacks that even if you want to block you cant survive. Revenge was implemented to fight against the ganking and at the beginning it did this pretty good but only because it was a little bit too strong so you could focus all your stats at getting revenge. Now it got nerfed and the only purpose it fullfills is increasing the time you get rap** by 4 people for about 3 seconds. In my opinion we can fix this situation with implementing a new system to prevent ganking. I think if there is a group of 3 or more people running together very close for the whole game and do damage against the same person they should get a debuff like the one you get when you run away for too long. I'm not sure what debuffs the run away one gives but I think the gank debuff should have a damage output reduction a defense reduction and a speed reduction to make honorable fights more effective than running with 3 people at one person. The unhonorable kill xp reduction doenst prevent anything.

Please share your ideas and comment what you think

08-12-2018, 11:27 PM
I already planned a system in other post, i will share it here.

The current problem with for honor 4 vs 4+ players modes is that the game mechanics are incomplete, they are complete in the sense of attacks but incomplete in the CC aspect, currently if you parry a attack and another player attacks you, he also get's parried, this doesn't happen with CC or has any type of correlation.

The current ways to abuse this system is to spam CC and make another player attack while you are doing, effectively stun locking someone, if he get's revenge they just pull back and focus on defense.

How to fix this?

General changes (with or without revenge activated)

also let's classify CC on Soft and Hard CC (i know right now it's not like this but this would need to change if they have to add this)
let's give examples of Soft CC it's normally the most spammeable ones and without heavy risks(warden shoulder bash, kensei pommel strike, warlord headbut, conqueror shield bash, valkyrie shield bash, centurion kick, shinobi kick, nobushi kick, highlander kick, shugoki headbutt, shinobi and centurion "cinematic" charged punch and grabbing heavy of shinobi)
and then Hard CC (shugoki hug, raider shoulder charge, lawbringer pull over move and highlander hand grab)

to make it more simple let's say player X (Blue team) is ganked by player Y (Red team) and players Z (also from red team)

with that in mind let's start:

This are general changes with or without Revenge.
1) if player X performs a parry he can't recieve Soft CC on the parry animation, same happens in the Guard break Tech animation (he can still recieve damage with a timed attack on this animation) This state is shown as a hyper armor effect (that white glow) that tells you that you are using CC at a wrong time.
2) if any Z player performs damage on any X character that is being CCed by a Y character, X character will regain his defense instantly after the first damage of a Z player connects, this allows X to instantly make a parry is another Z player attack was about to connect. (you can still for example bash your opponent while your team mate attacks but will only work on 1 attack after that compared to now that you can do it with other players at the exact time and get a insta kill)

Changes with revenge activated:

1) the same applies here with the differece that revenge makes you inmune to hard CC too (in heavy attacks you are already doing like the actual version or like i told before in any of the previous rules)

This completes the actual system of attacks with a full CC system that promotes brain over zerging on a character, this also fixes deathball since good players can survive more vs other good players that CC spam.