View Full Version : Veteran of game losing hope.

08-11-2018, 07:30 PM
Okay I know the devs are “trying” their best to make this fun, but they are not doing it right. First off, they are dealing with do’s attacks and they didn’t delay the update to try of stop the attacks. I don’t know game coding but I should at least know that a lot devs who are making a big update delays if they are getting attacked on servers because launching a update during a Dow attack can corrupt or mess up the sending/receiving pace of the servers. Second is that just recently went into the ranked tournaments and they are still having lag problems . Luckily I do great with 1v1 connections but the servers are really bad. I am talking about disconnections and crazy lag outages during fights especially in the other modes for no reason. 1 minute good match no crazy problems, second match fine then lag vile till disconnection. Oh and here’s the thing I know if you get disconnect from the match you go to the tournament lobby however more disconnects will result in tournament abandonment. Well first match disconnected, waited for the second match. ERROR MATCHMAKING PENALTY IN EFFECT. WTF!? I waited and sure enough I for some reason have the tournament abandonment penalty for get randomly disconnect from one match. Skip season six fellas I played the very first closed Alpha and seeing what the devs pulled during the first year till now really makes me sad. Hyped for marching fire because that is possibly another operation health for the game disappointedly so. Thanks for spending time reading this as I will try to grind against ai because that is literally a lot of people are doing because of these server issues.

08-12-2018, 05:23 AM
It sucks but there is no way to tell when you get disconnected from the game or if you just alt+F4 out of the game. It can be abused and even games like Overwatch have a similar penalty. All be it they have MUCH better servers than this game. But the point still stands.

Ubi really just needs to fix their servers so you dont disconnect...