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08-09-2018, 10:56 PM
I fell 4 divisions in row because enemy only need fast atacks spam (hiden stance deny) + dodge attacks. Perfect nemezis - orochi. I CANT HIT HIM USEING SIDE FAST ATACK (the fastest in kit) Play defence you say ... i cant do any cunter atack because enemy can react all.You cant parry fast atack, sry you are dead. Maby im on salty mode, but rly nobushi need some love. Her range advantage does not exist. You dont use 1/2 moves because risk vs reward are to low. No rly opener. I thought for a long time she is in good spot. Now i rly ripped apart. I love play her but she is left behind.

PS:Sry for my English,not a native.

08-10-2018, 12:33 AM
You cant play as attacker against almost any assassin without assassin of yours or hero with hyper armour. They will punish you.
But thats a roach there.. he don't have openers. Just block, CGb. Fish for Zephyrs, Parry lights. -> Dead roach.

As for nobushi specific things. Poke him with side lights from time to time. And Cobra strikes. He has reflex guard there... Also viper's retreat is good way to punish storm rushes. And well - as usual for nobushi try keep distance.
Hidden stance from distance to mix up your attacks a bit. Vs assassins HS is almost useless for defence anyway. Too much undodgeables and lights.

08-10-2018, 12:39 AM
]Yea I love fighting Orochis he's the easiest Assassin to beat (Xbox). He doesn't have super armor, no unblockables, no bleeds, just speed. You can easily poke him out of storm rush with any type of light, if you are quick enough you can parry his second light, and you can hidden stance his zone if you get the timing down(most of them do it after they do their 3 lights). You can feint your heavies to get him to react.

Only time I die or almost lose to a Orochi is when he runs up to me and uses Kiai. Like he literally runs up to me, screams in my face and now I'm exhausted. -.-

08-10-2018, 12:50 AM
Well whats the difference when you got exhausted? )) its orochi - just continue to block. And its even easier because he will try to get GBs in.. so less lights to react xD

08-10-2018, 01:05 AM
Well whats the difference when you got exhausted? )) its orochi - just continue to block. And its even easier because he will try to get GBs in.. so less lights to react xD

The difference is it's dominion, I'm not going to be able to kill him fast enough before the gank squad arrives,

08-10-2018, 02:13 AM
Nobushi is at the bottom 3 in rankings even then she got nerfed to the ground 3 times.

She is still fighting with Season 1 toolkit. Sorry not even that coz she got nerfed without replacing anything. Swift recoil into vipers retreat is useless because it will only work if somebody throws 2 heavies and you block first one then do vipers retreat which will never happen.

She is still fighting with 600ms lights while other heroes have 400ms light and 500ms heavies with distance covering on top. How Devs explain this Iím curious...

Hidden stance is useless because itís too much stamina consuming and takes too much time to initiate. Even if I outsmart somebody he can throw another light before my light can come out from HS which is ridicilious. If not he probably has HA so I get hit again like Kensei (his light makes close damage to my heavy which is faster and HA on top). Or when they see hidden stance they have plenty of time to stand back and there is nothing I can do.

She has no openers no UB no HA stamina deprived on top. Her zone is only good for minion clearing. She is supposed to have longest range but for some reason Kensei has better range and Arc than her plus instant attack and HA on top.

Her dodge attack doesnít dodge anything. But I can see my weapon going right through enemy so doesnít catch anybody. Mind you this attack also got nerfed. Dodge attack doesnít have any properties.

Her dash attack doesnít cover any distance. Plus easiest attack to parry with massive punish. While Warden dash forward half way across the map. One has heavy armor with short sword. Other one no armor with longest weapon. Guess Which one has longer dash attack reach? Amazing logic from Devs there

There you go. Fighting with a hero 600ms light attack with nothing against 400ms light 500ms heavy CC spam HA UB lot.

They destroyed Nobushi but they still think she is still strong in 4v4. They are delusional.

08-10-2018, 09:01 AM
I agree that nobushi needs some buff. Because nothing from her kit helps in fights. Everything is too reactable.
In fair fights It is almost always its about using basics to win, as keeping distanse to punish enemy missed hits, or just parry dodge something for punish. This is sure makes her playstyle somewhat unique but not healthy in environment where almost everyone else have some UB moves, fast lighs or hyper armour,
In teamfights she has some options to use but they are also usually worse than any other meta heroes have

08-10-2018, 09:32 AM
So im not crazy :) Im not top player so maby thats why im have so much problem with orochi. I tried bait him or react for his moves, but every time i get punished by Riptide Strike. Pokeing -> Zephyr Slash. I tried parry ligths but im have problem with this.

08-10-2018, 09:57 AM
Yeah but your point about Orochi being some nemesis is wrong because to defeat Orochi (fast light and dodge spamy Hero) almost any Hero in this game needs to rely hard on basic mechanics. And when you are Nobushi player you need to be good with those mechanics to start to win something. So its almost perfect matchup for Nobushi.
And if you cant deal even with Orochi -> means you are not good enough with basic things block\parry\feints - > need to git good :D (no offence)

08-10-2018, 10:41 AM
Maby nemesiz was to stong call. (you know SALTY mode :)) Im not bad in basic things. Kensai,besrserk,shaman,warden,aramusha,peacekeeper - close games, orochi -rekt. I know i do some errors or inputs not register propebly. After work i try some new strategy with a cool head,but main topic remains -> nobushi need some changes. Her set is limited to todays standards. (HA UB / soft feints / hyper armor / CC / undodgeable atacks / fast atacks)

08-10-2018, 01:20 PM
By the way, looked some videos again about recent nobushi duels.
And from her kit I almost never use dodge recovery cancels. Need to become better with that i guess, because its clearly useful and makes her faster to counter when people react on her attacks with theirs.
And well hidden stance is lot more useful when i watch other more pro people playing than when i do lol. Need to work on that too.

And also... default controls again - HS on RS down is really a bad place. When i had that, not very often but it could mess with my stances and wasted stamina. And i couldn't change stances easily while in HS to change directions.
But as my xbox360 gamepad started to glitch a bit so i now started to use some generic, for which to work i needed to map keyboard keys with XPadder.

So i just remapped Feints and HS on left trigger at the same time, and so using HS for attacking or feinting lights became a lot easier and intuitive, the same button as for heavies. Also changing directions from HS now is easy.
Helps that Nobushi doesn't have any feint\HS conflicts. You can't go to HS in the moment when feint works, and other way around.
Not sure about move-sets of characters with full\block as i dont play them. At least for Conq seems fine too.

Also I still dont like how i need to change stick to button when i need to dodge a loand then back. On xbox360 i tryed to use RSpress, but i randomly press it a lot when i play, so that was a bit no. Today came idea to use RSdown, where HS was, will need to try that. And i can use both places new and old at the same time for that button just in case.

Also remapping zone to something (B in my case) helps a lot too for any hero.