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08-09-2018, 08:18 PM
Rep 16 Shinibi
Rep 2 Kensei


Reps 2 - 11 + Non ranked + Bronze : Warden, Kensei, Shaman, Conq, Orochi, Zerker, Shinobi, Gladiator, Valk (some multiple with diff players)

So I did some ranked duels
And found that the Shinobi has an high disadvantage due to the opponent having aim assist and hud.
Along with limited ranged attacks that come with little reward, yet high risk due to him literally being the only character that gets knocked down after a heavy parry from ranged enabling the opponent to land a free heavy on you...
Anyway I played for about 3 hours switching modes and found in my 1st Feat in domination which disables my opponents aim assist and hud against me actually feels balanced and the way it should be.
The entirety of the duels I had to rely on the opponent being aggressive to perform a ranged/grab attack or else it was very difficult to penetrate them. Also due to the low HP Shinobi has, he's very well handicapped

So far I think in Domination the Shinobi is either A or S class, but in Duels he's more of a C class char. When I 1v1 an opponent with just my feat passive ninja feat :) I would be able to defeat most putting in low to average effort depending on their skill level.
Then I played Kensei for about 30-40 minutes of duels, and knocked most people out of the park.
And I'm not that great using Kensei lol

What are your thoughts? Please no negative comments that aren't considered discussions because I'm not going to waste my time with you.

08-09-2018, 09:10 PM
Shinobi was supposed to be a character that was difficult to master, and in the right hands would do huge damage. Unfortunately with how the game is progressing, basically every reworked character and dlc character has higher damage output with less risk.

08-10-2018, 01:29 AM
Yep! The shinobi was one of the characters I had difficulty using, so I tried to improve on my weaknesses! It will is upsetting that some this char has high risk low reward. Other chars I can recover from mistakes, or an offensive onslaught. Aside from most things Id like to see the shinobi not get tossed on the ground after a ranged guard break, so that would add a move set worth using in duels. IMO it should be reworked, so the shinobi has a chance to guard break as well(just like guard breaking each other at melee range). Also, its a free x2 heavy for the highlander if he guard broke the attempted ranged grab.