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08-09-2018, 12:09 PM
AC Rome fan idea

• Think Hype: Time Quest

• Setting is Rome during different time periods: Augustus to Trajan

• Plot is Layla stopping the proto templars from getting a PoE to break Abstergo’s hold in a way that any alterations to the past have minimum effect on the present

• Plot takes you to different timelines as the code has a way of correcting itself, meaning that Layla finds out that her actions have less impact than she thought and she had to try again in a different way

• Breaking nodes can result in Layla's present ceasing to exist, meaning her animus is still a simulation - for now

• Roman Empire has an established brotherhood founded by Amunet

• Player can meet Amunet, although only later in the game

• Player actions to find or hide POE can directly influence the dominance of the brotherhood vs prototemplar in other timeperiods

• Player action will also influence families, cities, wealth and history, but as the code will correct itself you will see heavy consequences if you stray too far from known facts

• Heavy consequences are loss of loved ones, loss of important NPCs needed in other time periods, enemies too strong to defeat in other time periods

• This mechanics will also be effected by playing stealthy vs creating chaos

• Player is an ex slave descendant from the Kassandra/Alexios bloodline

• Full character creation for protagonist, bloodline could have gone via Europe, North Africa or Middle East – the player decides

• Layla uses different samples (Amunet, Bayek, Kassandra/Alexios and even Williams) to simulate Rome in different time periods

• Layla has programmed a random player character so it would not have any direct ties with important time nodes (unlike the people listed above)

• Modern Day sequences sees Layla infiltrating Abstergo to retrieve more samples to allow for different time periods

• Player can join both prototemplar and assassins at some points, as infiltrating both organisation is necessary to influence where the PoE is with minimum effect on the present

• As such, killing Amunet is also an option

• Skills and combat are AC:Origins like with more focus on social stealth, parry combat, but being a being a simulation also allows for some fantastical stuff

• The historical part of the game sees Rome in various stages, with Trajans period being typically the peak height of the Empire although his lust for building can be influenced
by you

• Another historical angle is religion and the influence of different religions being dominant

• Isu are important antagonists in the game, being the ultimate Animus hack trying to steer your actions in a way that is favourable to them (Juno?)

• Due to these animus hacks, expect some time distorted dimensions that causes surreal surroundings that integrate fantastical elements in realistic settings

• In the end it the chase for the PoE is revealed only to be necessary to visit a certain Isu temple and challenge Isu survivors <500 BC

• Game ends with Layla being forced to break a node and thus rewriting a part of history

Thanks for reading.
What do you think, feasible or lore-breaking?