View Full Version : Please remove tracking from out of lock attacks and grabs...

08-09-2018, 12:49 AM
I just fought a warlord in a lawbringer's body, literally all he did the entire game was unlock, run away from me, then use his running attack and turn 90 degrees to hit me. I don't give a god diggidy damn about the speed of the attacks, its fine, but when the animation is so god awful like this it's just annoying trying to react to it.

Hell, Shug's sprint charge was less annoying than raider, warlord, and to a lesser extent lawbringer, yet it gets nerfed so you don't get free damage. How about they all get the same treatment? No tracking, and if it hits all you do is deal stamina damage. Lawbringers move could be changed into a grapple/pin type move similar to how centurion can facef*** you with his gauntlets to deal stamina damage, rather than being a copy of raider and warlords grabs.