View Full Version : Lunar Energy Crisis Please help

08-08-2018, 02:48 AM
I had all the energy up and running for weeks, Transmission spaceports, fusion cells, transferring energy to Temperate and Artic. All was great. Then without warning, as you know you get lots of warnings if some goods or anything is too low, The Energy on the moon went full boogie off. I was in a healthy energy transmission to all sectors. I had turn off energy on Temperate and Artic that was mined or Tidal or wind and, was delivering Fusion energy no problems. Then poof, all went to..crisis mode. Not enough goods to make Fusion Cells, no Detrium, no rare elements, etc. etc. NO Warning at all!. I bought Detrium from global,. I quickly added more Detrium mines on Artic, and gas energy, and Thermal energy, and tidal power energy on Temperate and they are ok now, but LUNAR.. nothing is working and so..I opened up the other moon crater. Mined all needed to make Fusion Cells, still can't bring it up at all. My bank was overflowing, now almost bankrupt. I turned off game. What to do?? HELP!

Thanks, JEAN