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08-06-2018, 03:12 PM
With the new perk system being introduced, I think it might be a good idea to revisit the Rep levels required to get specific gear. Currently as it stands:

Rep 0: Grey
Rep 1: Grey with some Blue
Rep 2: Blue
Rep 3: Blue with some Purple
Rep 4: Purple
Rep 5: Purple with some Yellow
Rep 6: Yellow
Rep 7: Yellow with some Teal
Rep 8: Teal

This is a lot of grinding, and with gear now having perks instead of stats as well as 4 new characters being added, now might be a good time to also visit If adjustments should be made to when different levels of gear are aquired. I suggest that the cross over reps be removed so less grinding is required. My suggested Gear chart would be the following:

Rep 0: Grey
Rep 1: Blue
Rep 2: Purple
Rep 3: Yellow
Rep 4: Teal

This would put For Honor's max gear level closer back in line with Season 1's max gear level where the gear cap was Purple. This would make the gear grind less daunting for new players, allowing them to feel like they can more freely move between heroes allowing them to find a hero that best suits their play style. It might also encourage the more veteran players to try different heroes if they could achieve the highest gear available without needing to grind for multiple weeks for the heroes to gain their full potential
If maxing out gear at Rep 4 feels like it might be to quick, we could try expanding the chart an additional rep by using the following chart:

Rep 0: Grey
Rep 1: Grey with some Blue
Rep 2: Blue with some Purple
Rep 3: Purple with some Yellow
Rep 4: Yellow with some Teal
Rep 5: Teal

This option would give a bit more length to the heroes for the players who want to max gear on heroes and have max gear still feel achievable by new players.

08-06-2018, 08:57 PM
i agree, the current gear system takes just too long until you get the good stuff. (obviously with the time added of -no gear- until you get the drops you want of legendary tier)

also use the scrap currency more and less steel (for changing skins for example? no need to use steel to change the appearance of stuff, or make it 1 time unblockable and then you can click it anytime you want (cause you already bought that body or weapon part skin) I literally have tons of the scrap currency (don't remember the name right now)