View Full Version : Imbalanceness

08-06-2018, 01:08 PM
As of now i would put this game into the shelf until my aramusha is buffed or reworked. The worst character of all. I can't understand people who just whine about how aramusha spams his lights where thatis his only thing for him to do. I mean, valkyrie spams lights, orochi spams lights, berserker spams lights, shinobi, kensei, nobushi. Almost all character spams lights so why whine about aramusha? We already got a trash kit and moveset. No unblockable to spam. No 50/50 to spam. No opener to spam. No hyper armor to save our ***. No dodge attack to spam. Only one of our kit is strong and that is rock steady. Flaming arrow is slow to execute. Arrow storm is decent. Other character can spam their feats (bombs and traps). I am very high deaths with him now than before. I don't know why people whine about him wherein clearly he is the worst of all. Hopefully he gets a rework/buff. I'm tired of having 11/9 kill deaths ratio or so. It's ok if other vanilla character were first reworked or buffed before him as long as his rework/buff will make him compete with S tier characters but until the aramusha haven't had his rework, this game is gonna be in the shelf and play other games.