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08-05-2018, 11:09 PM
Hi everyone!

Even if I read you every day in the forum I never had the courage to try to post, so first of all íHi!

I created this Post to ask the opinion of the players. I always play as Orochi, and I think I'm getting better and better (I think I'm average player by now).But as soon as I started to get better, I got the feeling that orochi is somehow limited in his moveset.

Let me explain, as a player that hate any type of spam, I never use light spam (unfortunatley... as I find a lot of orochis that do it...) and I try to use the Deflects as my main defense. The problem is that I find it no very useful as we have the parry that is easier (at least for me) and more safe to use.

The other problem I'm having with the better players is that they never fall for my feints and I always fall for theres. I'm trying hard to keep calm and not fall for it, but it's very hard.As soon as they do a combo, they somehow, finish with a feint that force me to try a deflect that ends on the "zaphyr..something" or grabbed.

It also happend to me a lot with the Riptide Strike, its always parried or i get grabbed during the animation (I need to traine myself to stop using it, as he is making me lose a lot of battles).

So there is my problem, do anyone think that would be possible to add a "feint" to the "zaphyr.." or to the "Riptide Strike" to cancel it so i can avoid some of the enemy feints?
Or this would make the Orochi too strong? (I personally think it would give him more mindgame as now he has none I nobody falls for the heavy feint, but that could be my opinion as I main him and I could be wrong).

Thank you all! I hope to find you on the battlefields!

P.S: Sorry for my english (and also... I hate Centurions )

08-06-2018, 01:23 AM
I personally believe that you should not be able to cancel a dodge attack as that would give rid of he move's weakness.

You already dodge and attack at the same time which beats GB, unblockables, bashes and regular attacks. If you can just cancel it then that means we cannot get a parry or really do anything because the move would answer everything.

08-06-2018, 03:21 PM
I understand your point, and I would normaly agree with it. The problem is that as soom as I got a little better, everyone is able to parry the light attacks (and 95% of the zaphyr and riptide strike).
At the end using this attacks is not a valiable strategy, but neither the lights or the feints (nobody falls for them).

I was proposing something like the new "tackle forward" of the warden. He can cancel it to GB or attack or wathevver he wants (I don`t know how to counter it) but less powerful. Just a cancel for riptide so it can be used as a "feint", the same for the side move, that always ends as a GB for you.