View Full Version : newest hero modeled after our favorites...

08-05-2018, 07:03 PM
since a few of the devs had a bad day and decided lets make a new hero called Centurion, which players with no skill will spam and remove all your stamina and get free hits whenever they want, I figured I would come up with an idea. so here is the newest hero coming soon...

I call it Trashboat. once the match starts he will emote. which will take your stamina away and stun you so you cant lock on target giving me a free top heavy. this of course will not be a feat, because that would make sense, this is just a move, or if it is a feat it will be passive with zero cooldown. naturally I will do this over and over while I back up to get out of range. once I kill my opponent I will spam emotes over them like I just actually accomplished something.

to make Trashboat even better, when people call for a nerf on him, he will get buffed with another passive feat allowing to move like that POS ninja where you cant see where he is going. I do not expect any royalties from my idea. you're welcome Ubisoft.