View Full Version : For honor Centurian Wars

08-05-2018, 06:10 PM
Hey guys, ive been on youtube and noticed that for honor content doesnt really broadcast to the world as other games do, which is sad because i rarely check the forums for a video. That needs to change and i feel like as a community in general as the game grows, we should team up with our content creators Big and Small and grow as a stable community. Ill see Spliced or salt montages but not much other types of videos. Ive made a Infinity Wars trailer but its not like the only other 2 infinity war videos for honor has. Feel free to give me some feedback.

I want to start making more videos like this for For Honor, to kinda broaden peoples perspective that the game can be whatever you truly equal it up to. when i play I see Centurian as a Thanos type villian and i think thats amazing just like i see Warden as the Legend of Zeldas Link if he was battle hardened ( which he kinda already is)