View Full Version : season weapons

08-05-2018, 04:04 PM
I will say up front I am a little irritated with the season 7 weapons. I see the video and immediately want the few weapons for my legendary heroes. But guess what, surprise those are season 8 releases. Two things with that, the first, don't show them all in one showing if they will be split seasons apart. Second, im going to assume this means season 8 we only get new weapons for half the heroes that we have already seen and been waiting for?

My opinion, release the entire new weapons that are all designed to be apart of the same family, why break it apart if you don't plan to do anything next season. And for season 8 lets finally get some new gear. That way the gear could resemble the colors of the weapons that we already have and we are getting something new besides some feathers falling down.

Also I understand there will be an update with a lot of new gameplay, faction, and characters, but that is different than keeping the base of the game continuously coming out with new weapons or gear, or executions, or something to just keep people happy.