View Full Version : Bug: Showing as guest after using facebook login

08-03-2018, 08:11 PM
I've noticed this on my ipad and iphone over the last week, RS iOS v 0.99.80, when using the facebook login (saved user profile that it doesn't auto sign into...), it basically restarts the app and still has a guest log in only after the restart. I happened to be testing out some PC iOS recording software today and captured a recording of me doing the loop. To be clear, this behaviour is happening on both of my devices, even when not recording.

RS version v0.99.80
iPad - MD515E/A - iOS 10.3.3
iPhone - ME297LL/A - iOS 11.4.1


08-05-2018, 05:06 AM
Interstingly (annoyingly??) I just checked on the iPhone again - and despite it 4 days ago it behaving as described above, logged me in on startup directly to my saved account without issues.

Checked on the ipad again - within 5 minutes - to try and eliminate an issue contacting Ubi servers as being a cause - and it asked me to confirm my login to my Canadian itunes account and thenit displayed a confirmed "Purchases are up to date" page and brought me in on my user profile as expected.

Perhaps the problems shown in the video above are connection related and not a "bug" per se.

Just thought I should update based on further testing.