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08-03-2018, 05:53 PM
Something I've been wondering about for a while is how players would be able to take over an island in the game. This made me think about what kind of defenses the player would have to overcome. Would there be forts, coastal batteries, towers? Since combat in this game will be focused on naval warfare, I think a good idea for giving players a means to capture an island would be to give them the option of sending a landing party of sailors or marines (or both) to storm the island's defenses. Once the landing party captures the island's main defenses, like a Fort, the island is effectively captured.

Another combat idea that's been on my mind is the evolution of a player's warships. During the Industrial Era, there was a shift from wooden sailing ships to steamships, so I think it would be cool for a player to start off with Wooden warships powered by sail, then research technology to outfit warships with steam-powered technology and iron-plating. Historically, the Age of Sail lasted until 1862, when the first ironclads were built.

What do you guys think? Do you have any other ideas to share?

08-04-2018, 01:20 PM
I think you may forget about boarding parties, as devs have stated land forces will not be a part of this game.

It leaves us with to main paths of logically captures of islands.

1: Military appraoch; Naval warships defeat naval defensive structures and enemy ships. When the main warehous/fort is destroyed, its captured. (Which would make it the boring way).

2:; Diplomatic approach. Control of islands are determined via influence and actions on islands. (Based on the same prinicple of controlling city states in Civ). The problem with this is, that it reduces the impact of military strenght, as ships wont do anything but hinder trade. It would really reduce the quality of the game. Cause.. what game will military might not be used to what military might are supposed to be used to?

So, this actually leaves us with 2 individually bad chocies, as many an anno fan must have first thought when they read the dev letter.
But, luckily, we still have one option.left. To combine the two approaches, and if this is what the devs have done, it opens up a ton of interesting possibilities.

And how do we make a semi-military, diplomatic appraoach to controlling islands?

First, devs need to make a choice. Hard numbers vs soft numbers.
Hard numbers are open, easy to see mathemativs, where goals are often listed as a set number you need to reach. (Get a warehous down to zero HPs. Have 10 diplomats to take control of a building, Your spy has 85% chance of destroying a building). Going by hard numbers give many players and open and easy to undesrtand approach to objectives.

Soft numbers, are hidden numbers, which are hard to calculate. You cant know that your grain mill churns out 2 flour each minute, or how many HPs a warehouse has, or a ship for that matter. You cant plan to invest 5 more dimplomats to rush an overttaking of an islands, cause you need 12 diplomats to get above your opponents 11. Using this approach will make gameplay deeper, and more reliant on experience and planning.

There is no right or wrong here. Hard numbers are better liked among players that dont like to be challenged to hard, and to theoretical players, who like to be able to do the math on the best production chain right away, and the marvel at their work.
Soft numbers attarck players that thrive with more demanding and complex gameplay, and who like to start out and continue to tune on their work to squeeze out even a bit more efficinecy.


So, my dream about this scenario.

A game with many soft numbers, especially in high tier play and combat.
On controlling another island, an approach combining the two would be the better.

On the diplomatic side, political influnece should be the key factor that decides. To me, this would be solved best doing the following:
Each house/citizen has an amount of «votes» depending on their tier. Farmers (Tier1) should have next to none.
Agents controlled for each faction/nation will operate with missions or tasks, increasing the diplomatic influence for their faction on that island.
Military presence and military installments will also provide political influence and increase resistance on foreign agents on that island.

So what game mechanics could we get out of this:?

- Agents need to be smuggled onto islands, either by military ships approaching the island and attempting to set ashore agents or by smuggling them via cargo ships.
- Agents need to set up base of operations. They need to be placed into a house. Perhaps their own embassy on that island, or perhaps just take a chance and move them into a house and hope the citizens there are unhappy, which would make the agent less visible to the controlling nation.
- Agents will passivley increase political influence to their cause in around the house they live in. Also, a number of different active tasks should be possible.
- Agents tasks could require items that either needs to be stolen from a player, or smuggled ashore to perform such task. (They shouldnt be «idle clicker things»).

- Miltary installments, police and own amabssadors can on the other side provide gameplay to root out and counter foreign agents. Finding and eliminate one, will be an acheievment in itsef.

When a foreign nation has enough political influence, they could either invoke a relvolt, or an election. Picture a sort of mini game, over a few minutes to decide the outcome.
Where an election would be a game of positive influence, a revolt would be a game of negative influence, where risks of damaging buildings and killing citizens are higher.
An election would be the way of peaceful takeover, for players with less military strength. The state of the military installments would mean less.
In a revolt, military presences would mean more, and thus strong military players should aim for this strategy, as a battered fleet and destroyed fortification from a nava siege would increase unrest on the island, fueling a revolt.

Making the numbers hidden would make for so much deep and suprising tactics.. I really hope the devs will work it that way!

08-09-2018, 01:48 AM
Wow! That sounds like an awesome idea! It could dramatically change the way players choose to conquer other islands. I really like the idea of spies being able to not only sabotage your city, but also its politics. So if a revolution breaks out on your island, how exactly do you quell it? Do you use the police force? I know that the developers have shown that players can use the police to put down riots. Or do you use a Militia/National Guard force? Thoughts?

08-09-2018, 11:30 AM
Thanks for those kind words.
The mini game of a revoilt. My picture of it would be an outline like this:

- When a foreign nation invokes a revolt, a mini game will launch, and the aggressors objective would be to make the revolt reach the islands main administrative centre, and overwhelm its defenses. There will of course be a time limit to it.

When the revolt launches, all buildings that are unhappy, will be revolting. Citizens will be visible in the streets, with torches, forks and spears.
They will start moving towards the (lets call it) HQ. The speed of which they are moving will be proportional with the happiness/unhappiness of the closest buildings at any given time. So, since a revolt would start in unhappy areas, naturally they would move with good speed. However, when they start getting closer to the HQ (which we would assume would spread a good deal of happiness and loyoalty), they will enter less unhappy areas, and simulation less support to their cause of rebellion, advancement will slow down, hindered by disagreeing spectators, police.. etc. Even grind to a complete halt.

This is the outline, now for the mechanics that will make players able to alter the happiness and loyalty, to advance or halt the speed of the marching massses.
- Military warships. The prescense of the navy will according to number and type of ships simulate the military presence to stop the revolt, beating it dead, and should give the HQ a boost to spreading happiness.
- Police quarters and security buildings will spread happiness, which gains a boost during revolts, and increase the defenders possibility to root out enemy agents.
- Police officers can act like units for the mini game, being moved to streets or buildings, to either halt advance or look for enemy agents.

- Enemy agents should be moved like units. They get an enhanced possibility to invoke unhappiness to the population during the event, and can work to turn happy people unhappy, to grow support for the rebellion. They could also help destroy security buildings if unhappy mobs reach them, and they have the influence.

- A number of abilities and items could be avilablke for both units like agents/police and players to shiift the tides.

- Mobs should be created in each part of the city which is unhappy enough, and have a number of participants according to the nearby unhappy population. This number will increase as the mob traverse the streets, increasing with the number of unhappy citizens they pass for each house. The HQ should have a number of defenders, and the quality of thiose defenders pluss the grade of loyalty they have, should determine a number. If the number of mobs that reach the HQ are greater than this number, the HQ falls and the city is taken.

. If all enemy agents are caught, defenders win.

Now, not all citizens will get theur hands dirty. It will be according to tier.

Tiers 1,2,3 will be joining the fight.
Tier 4 and 5 will not be joining the fight if they are unhappy. Instead they will pull strings, and increase unhappyness around them to less tier workers and factories. Getting theese unhappy will help spread unhappiness.

08-10-2018, 09:21 PM
Sounds good! I like it! I also think it would be cool if you could use your agents to sabotage trains and railway lines, which I think will be included in the game.

09-05-2018, 12:07 AM
You know what? I would be giddy if there is an achievement called The Seeadler (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Seeadler_(1888)) where you get a three-mast windjammer converted into a commerce raider and sink 15 cargo ships with it. :cool: