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08-03-2018, 04:26 AM
Recently I switched my GPU and tested my new frames on siege with the same settings. Before the switch I got a solid 80 fps. After the switch I got well over 120 fps. I noticed GeForce had an optimize option and I clicked it. Now I sometimes get single digit frames (1-9) in the main menu! Other times I am stuck at 40 whether its on Ultra or all Lowest. It even messed up my audio because all I hear now is buzzing. I am very sad about this, for Siege was one of my favorite games.

Changing Nvidia Control Panel settings
Changing the games settings in files (GPUadapter=1 instead of 0, which made my frames single digit, 0 makes it 40)
Changed Siege settings
Deleted GeForce

None of which worked!
Please help!

08-03-2018, 11:26 AM

Can you please head to the .exe file in your Steam directory, right click it, select Properties, Compatibility and select to 'Disable fullscreen optimizations'.

If this doesn't help, please create a case on the support website (https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/) and submit your DxDiag and MsInfo (https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/faqs/000026442/Submit-Dxdiag-and-Msinfo/) files for further investigation?


08-03-2018, 03:42 PM
Thanks for the reply! I had already tried the Compatibility check earlier. So I went ahead and sent in the case, thanks!

08-03-2018, 03:53 PM
No problem!

An agent will reply to your case as soon as possible.

08-04-2018, 10:33 AM
Basically I did a test, I deleted all files, game settings, and applications/app data I have for siege. Then I did a fresh installation. Still it seems my frames are capped at 30 in the main menu, Vsynch is off in every settings I can get to (game options, game files, GeForce optimize tab). I thought that was weird so I decided to tinker with it. I tested different aspect ratios with different resolutions and noticed some would bring me to 60fps in the menu and others to about 15fps. (Now please nobody tell me its my PC or monitor because literally 30 minutes before running the optimize on GeForce I was getting 120+fps) Furthermore, I noticed in the optimizing menu there was a really weird idea of good resolution, they launched my game at 3840x2160 DSR and I quote, "The game will be rendered at a high resolution then scaled to your monitor's native resolution to enhance image quality." This enhanced image quality rendered my game UNPLAYABLE. I understand I should contact NVIDIA but they have yet to be of any help, so I was hoping some great minds in the UBI community could help. My experience has been really weird, my frames seem capped with no Vsynch on (yes I changed the min and max fps in gamesettings), fps changes drastically when I change the aspect ratio and resolution, and also with some settings the main menu with Maestro and Alibi would be 30fps but the play menu is 60.

(I've tried everything)
ALSO I know for a fact GeForce is a major issue because I ran the optimized settings and it made loading screens 120 and main menu 1 FRAME PER SECOND.
I just really want to play Siege again! Please someone help me!

08-06-2018, 09:50 PM
PrivaK.TTV, it looks like the issue was resolved VIA your ticket, glad to see this!