View Full Version : Team Solitude. Looking for players for the Academy Team (Age: 15,16,17)

08-02-2018, 02:00 PM
Hello there!

Welcome to the Team Solitude recruitment page. As you are reading this we are looking for people to join the academy team, this is only possible if youíre 15,16 or 17. The plan is too start a trial program, which involves ESL matches, 5v5ís, 1vs1ís, etc. For this we need 10 people too start. It takes about two weeks, and make sure you have time for this. After the trial program is over we end up with two players who we are going to put in the Academy Team. Then we are going to do the same thing again with 10 other people. And again two people will get into the Academy Team. After this is done we are going make a timetable for practices, ESL etc. The plan is to do this 4-5 times a week, for 2-3 hours. So make sure you have this time.

This is only for people who are willing and dedicated to get somewhere with their Rainbow Six Siege E-Sports career. Since we all are under 18, we cannot do big cups, which is unfortunate but not the end of the world. We are going to take part in scrims, open ESL cups, and maybe even more.

Note: This will not take 1 week before we play and train. So make sure you are not in a rush for a team. So do not join and leave after 1 week because we need to wait for people for the trial program, or because you donít have time.

If you are interested, PM on Discord one of the following guys. Ė

- SyCo.Solitude#5717
- ClouDy.Solitude#5670

Hope to see you guys here soon!
P.S.- If you are interested in scrims, you can PM also