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08-01-2018, 04:43 PM
I got back to FH after a very long time (I've played only a week after release or so). I've met several cheaters and a lot of ping abusers. Going to quit for the second time, only after 4 days of playing, here's why:

- A lot of spamming attacks. Yes, I don't know all of the names of characters, but still... Berserk, girl wth a long pole and etc. Some fights I won, but it's awful to play vs players who just keep spamming 1 combo and you can do nothing about it.
- A lot of grind. I want some charachters, but I don't have steel and I won't pay extra money for the game I've already bought for the full summ on release. Think about it. Also I have a lot of work and don't have much time with games, so how do I have to play with new fighters? Greed, what can I say.
- Balance issues.
- I've got to lvl17 with Raider, 8 Orochi, 2 that knight with 2 swords (Assassin?) and 2 with Berserk, no prestige on any charachter. Why do I have to play vs players with prestige 20 or even prestige 5-6? Don't say about skill, I was dead after 20sec into the round. Where is mm?
- in Duels I got "No Honor". Some high lvl guy just spammed his attacks on me (wich is already frustrating) and after taking off my head after every round I have to watch how he (pardon me) j9rks off on my dead body without head. Really nice, thanks. Even worse- I was matched with him (!) 5 times in a row. All 5 loses.

So, bye game, nice to meet you, see ya

08-01-2018, 07:32 PM
Yea devs pretty much do not have a clue how to make characters right and they are releasing new untested garbage for season 7. Idk why did they put new ones in without testing and fixing older ones. Now they have to fix more characters. I guess only skins and spams are what majority wants

08-01-2018, 08:06 PM
Yeah, a new game mode wont save the game. New mode same bs. Imagine trying to attack or defend against a full premade squad. Plus with the new stuff added, itís bound to bring more issues with it. They canít even make an execution right, how are they going to make a complete new game mode without any issues?