View Full Version : Feedback Suggestion for Control Panel: Animal Strength Scale

07-30-2018, 02:06 PM

This is just a short suggestion/request of a feature that could possibly be added at some point. The Panel currently allows you to change the amount of animals tamed and the level of animals on a scale, which is a very good feature. However, in the main game balance, tamed animals can be one or two-shot by standard enemies once you get past level 15 or so. Even if the animals are higher leveled, human enemies generally defeat them with ease which makes taming any number of them moot. Even if you significantly raise the level of in game animals in the control panel as opposed to humans, you run into the issue that you can tame only animals around your own level so unless you yourself are at a higher level, you cannot tame them.

What I am getting at, is that I would be very interested to see a feature where either you can scale the stats of certain enemies/groups of enemies individually, so you could for example have one group of enemies be base difficulty, but one be scaled to be stronger without affecting the levels, or an option to disable the need to be a certain level to tame an animal.

Thank you