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07-28-2018, 03:17 PM
Since I have been back in game I have been doing some testing in the training arena on some basic stats just so I better understand how they work and I just wanted to share my findings here just to help others better understand stats that dont really have clear explanations as to how they work so here are a couple of the main ones I wanted to mention!!

Exhaustion Recovery - Not only does this stat reduce the amount of time before your stamina bar starts to regenerate. We all already knew this part but its what I discovered after that Im not sure if people actually know or not. It also speeds up how fast your stamina bar recovers from a state of exhaustion. So if you have higher Exhaustion Recovery you will actually see your grey stamina bar fill back up to green much faster then without this stat. It works exactly the same as Stamina Regen works to speed up stamina recovery in a normal state but it speeds up stamina recovery in a state of exhaustion. For example I run 80% Exhaustion Recovery and when I enter a state of exhaustion there is no delay before my stamina starts to recover and the bar takes just over 3 seconds before I am no longer exhausted. When I equip a piece of gear that puts Exhaustion Recovery into a severe negative (almost full negative value) there is around a 2 second delay before my stamina starts to recover and it took almost 6 seconds for the stamina bar to fully recover from exhaustion. This is a huge difference!!!

Debuff Resistance - We all know it reduces damage from bleeds as explained in the loading cut screen messages but I never really understood how exactly it worked so I tested it with the Peacekeepers Riposting Stab bleed. Now I dont normally run debuff resistance so I tested it with my normal gear that was almost a full negative value and the bleed damage was 3 and it ticked 6 times. Now when I tested it with 40% debuff resistance the bleed still did 3 damage but it only ticked 3 times instead of 6. So it doesnt actually reduce the damage of bleeds so to speak it reduces the duration!

I know the Debuff Resistance thing isnt that big of a deal just more so some clarification on how the stat works but I think for some people that dont totally understand Exhaustion Recovery this discovery may really shed some light on whether or not people decide to use the stat or not. For me knowing that it will actually make my hero recover from exhaustion much faster is huge as I havent quite mastered proper stamina management and tend to exhaust myself much more then I should. So now I know how valuable this stat really is for me!

I hope this information can help a few people that are still wondering about how these stats work. Keep an eye on this thread as I still have a few stats I want to test theories on and will update here with any new findings!