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07-28-2018, 03:02 PM
Okay so while the ships and trade routes are quite obvious i want to give some suggestions about what things worked for me and wich was annoying.

first of all the creation of trade routes, if you start alot of new games you will find yourself often to long in the creation menu of these routes.
-copying of goods: if you want your ships carrying full one item instead of searching it and having it selection again you could drag the good to another cargo space.
-change the load or unload function with a click rather then a slider and make it perhaps very clear with a colored background (red unloading, green loading perhaps?)
-You could then also drag/drop a good from one harbour to another and with one click set it to unload.

-make the route line adjustable like in 2070 wich was very easy if you don't want your ships to sail past enemy players.
-this line could be green/yellow/red to show it's efficiency with green being very unefficient and red meaning you would need a second ship on that route.

-the option to pick up goods if more then a certain amount are available in the warehous. for example you want an auto trade route selling of all your "extra wood" but you don't want it to suddenly drain you of all your wood but always keep 30 wood in supply.

-escorting ships actually do their jobs and attack aggressors. If done right they could sail in certain formations wich would be beautifull to see.

-ai options:
-follow the optimal wind speed or always use the shortest way.
-how to behave when attacked?-throw goods overboard and flee -fight back - flee only
-when damaged and docked with a warehouse with repair crane wait until repairs are complete.
-perhaps ai usage of reusable items with a cooldown?

another thing i always wondered for the complexer routes...
if more slots where available but with lower cargo space we could create more interesting goods.
It is often you settle an island for the production of a main good but then suddely there is also just one stone location and one mine and why not you placed on woodcutter.

For those minimal production facilities this would be fun to use.
instead of having a ship with 3 cargo spaces of 50 tons you would have 6 cargo spaces with 25 tons. Making it able to carry a larger variety of goods and thus creating more interesting islands and production chains. With an easy to use trade route system for the casis in wich you do only want to load one good this could be great!

what does the community think?
What did you guy enjoyed or disliked about the auto trade route systems and ship's cargo?

07-30-2018, 11:01 PM
Hey there, gotta say some cool ideas. What caught my attention was the idea of the ship. I think it would be really cool, to have different kinds of Trading Ships for different specs, so that we can choose the one we want to use for any given situation. So a variety of speeds, cargo spaces.

What I would also like is the option to limit the cargo space of islands. I would like to have a ship that loads full with for example wood, and visits all my islands, so that every islands gets wood, but only 50t and not until the storage of 999t is full.

07-31-2018, 05:46 PM
The opposite of what i said of only take when there is X amount left in the warehouse.
the more options the better!
More ships are also always better indeed.
A fast ship with low cargo or the opoosite.
We will already see the cargo ships based on sails and the steamship versions so we will see some nice thigns there as well.

But with my suggestion of making more storage options might also be able to create this.
When a ships wich normaly would have 3 spaces now have 6 you can choose to keep it fast by only using 3 of it's spaces or make it alot slower if fully loaded.

And again i especially agree with you on the building materials, i usually always buy building materials on my small islands out of lazyness but this actually cost me quite a heavy sum of money especially when my production buildings on my main land no longer produce since the cargo there is full.

And a thing i also would like to see return (slightly off topic here) would be what the original anno 1602 had.
The possibility to arm all of your ships.
In that game every ship you made even warships where unable to attack, unless you loaded cannons into them (the more cannons the more damageb it did) and larger ships off course could have more canons. It was very cool. especially if you can make ships fire on the move.