View Full Version : Uninstalled ACB and now can't reinstall.

12-20-2011, 07:40 PM
I just rebuilt my computer, so I had to reinstall Windows XP. So I had to reinstall everything I couldn't backup. When I try to reinstall AC Brotherhood and I get to the "Bind Key to Account" screen and I enter the key it tells me the key has been used already. Well no kidding. It is bonded to the account that I am trying to reinstall it to. Don't understand why it won't let me re-bind it to my account. So now I'm stuck and I can't play my game anymore. Any help with his would be much appreciated.

12-20-2011, 08:10 PM
Just log into your exicting account, without entering your cd key anywhere.

12-20-2011, 10:42 PM
Dude... Never uninstall BH. I don't care if you have to delete your tax returns.. :-) Hope it worked out.

12-20-2011, 10:51 PM
Just a thought.. I work on PC's for a living. You need to clean your registry. There are lots of "tools" out there to do so, most are meant for tools. I use one on DoD systems, it's free, and absolutely awesome on XP. Do a google on Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. Download it and run it, accept all defaults, and let it do it's thing. I've ran it on boo-koo, like, hundreds of XP machines with all sorts of configs, it's never left me with a problem. It has absolutely no malware or carajo included in it's code, lots of "free," registry cleaners do. After you install it, select, "Skip," to the "do you wanna send us money.." question. Restart when done, then try to install. This will weed out your ACB registry as the program no longer exists. Then, reinstall. Lemme know if you score, or if you need further and we'll talk about manually editing your registry. If ya need help, hollar to me at tx383@aol.com.

10-10-2012, 05:10 AM
Olá Value_zero!
Sua reposta me fez surgir duas dúvida:
Então não há limites para reinstalar um jogo desde que seja feito o procedimento que você descreve????
E a ativação, não precisa da CD-key?