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07-26-2018, 09:11 AM
It's free on PS+ right now and it is 200 times better than this spamfest of a game.

You can build your own fighting style and combos from I think more than 300 different moves. The way the attacks flow into one another is spectacular. Once you get the hang of it, you won't be able to stop 😃 I know I can't.

I also know I'm not supposed to promote other games here, but you deserve a proper fighting game. For honor will do nothing but decrease your lifespan with unnecessary frustration.

Also, it's free, so what's to lose?

07-26-2018, 09:21 AM
Saw Absolver Gameplay and it is absolutely not my style. Bye and have fun.

07-26-2018, 11:53 AM
You're on the wrong forum

07-26-2018, 12:05 PM
Oh you mean that game that was supposed to "kill For Honor". A huge portion of the community including some prominent Youtubers flocked to Absolver when it first came out and then they dropped it barely even 2 months afterwards because it turned out to be a very empty and shallow game with no real depth.

That's cool that it's free for whoever is interested. Hopefully they've improved it somewhat since its launch state.

07-26-2018, 01:47 PM
I tried playing this game a few months back. Not nearly as polished as you would be need to believe. Plus it's just way too slow and virtually no weapons. I came to for honor to sword fight to the death. Until Soul Calibur 6 drops I'm not getting a better game experience.

07-26-2018, 01:59 PM
I saw some lets plays, but it's definitely no where near FH.

Learn how to deal with spam and unblockables. The game is pretty balanced right now, or at least more then ever before.

I am looking forward to Warden and Valk reworks

07-26-2018, 03:07 PM
I bought it when it released, the controls are clunky, it feels like its a button masher, even though I know from reading up on it that it isn't.

Also the hockey masks on every single character and cartoon like graphics didn't win any points with me. It's free though, go figure... game must be doing well... lol

07-26-2018, 03:10 PM
I tried out Absolver this month because it is free and boooooy is it clumsy. Its essentially a martial arts Souls game without weapons or options that matter. It is also as empty as a game can get.

There's a reason it was a free game after less than a year.

07-26-2018, 06:45 PM
The fact that it's free on PS+ says nothing about the game's quality. Even Xcom 2 and Just Cause 3 were free at some point. Also it's nowhere near empty right now thanks to it being free right now.

I like it a lot. Sure it's been my first couple of hours with it, so I don't know what to expect in the long run, but from what I've experienced so far the progression is pretty awesome. The fact you can build your own "deck" of attacks is really really cool and means that every non NPC encounter is very unique to the last one. I feel a lot "cooler" (i know how that sounds) when beating up other people in that game and losing also feels very fair as well. The stance system and the selfmade combos are super cool IMO.

I don't really mind the style of it. I don't play games for the looks, but the gameplay, maybe that's just me?

For me, it definitely killed for honor... Well for honor killed itself and absolver is just the last nail in the coffin. FOR ME!

07-26-2018, 08:24 PM
This is a forum for discussion about For Honor. If you'd like to talk about Absolver, there are plenty of place to do that (i.e. Absolver's forums, Reddit or Steam Discussion Boards).