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07-25-2018, 05:23 PM
I dont think anyone has across the same thing that happened to me right now with the new game mode (Ghost Mode) But I was playing with my friend in the new awesome mode but when I stepped out of the chopper (which was standing on the ground) I fell underneath the map. This was /is very frustrating because now I need to start all over again because of this bug.

I really like the new game mode it is awesome and refreshing for the PVE thanks for that Ubisoft!
But I just wanted to let you know that this sort of stuff can happen.
Is there any way i could continue my game? Or I really need to start over?

Gr Angelo

07-25-2018, 05:28 PM
Unfortunately, you will have to start over :/

Players did have concerns that these kind of glitches would ruin the Ghost Mode but I don't think any fixes have been announced so far.

07-25-2018, 05:28 PM
Sorry to say but this is a known bug that has nothing to do with Ghost Mode specifically and was actually one of several known glitches people had fears of in this new mode.

I'm afraid this will not be the last we see of these types of threads of GM experiences. .....it's a shame really as the community called it yet Ubi apparently didn't consider these long reported bugs being an issue for their "permadeath" model.

07-25-2018, 05:31 PM
Imagine being a few points away from reaching tier 1 in Ghost Mode and then losing it all due to a ridiculous glitch 😐

07-25-2018, 05:56 PM
Imagine being a few points away from reaching tier 1 in Ghost Mode and then losing it all due to a ridiculous glitch 😐

....yeah. While some of these glitches might be relatively rare, all it takes is one time with a feature like "permadeath" to ruin an entire playthrough.

If you asked me to list all of the popular requests from the community (whether I agreed with them or not), permanent death still wouldn't have been among them. ....or at least it wouldn't have been anywhere near the top.

Unfortunately, Ubi made this feature the backbone of the new mode rather than an option. In fact, that's all most folks have ever wanted was for these requested features to be options.

If anything, this should have been a challenge in the new mode with it's own unique reward. If you died, you simply wouldn't get that reward but could still play through. .....or maybe as an option with its own reward for those who wished to take on the risk / challenge. ...or they could have even given progressive rewards based on # of deaths. There are several suggestions already from the community how this could have been handled without making it mandatory.

I'm still going to take on the challenge myself but to be honest, I'll likely ditch the whole game if I run into a glitch. With the lack of any news on the searchable lobbies for CM in GW (as was suggested there would be with this update), my disappointment level has reached its limit with any hope for things I was looking for from this title (both PvE and PvP) going forward.

07-25-2018, 06:15 PM
Yea that would really suck, i now only got Yuri and Polito. But then again could Ubi make something for people who cross the same thing that happened to me? Like a sort of save passage bug alert kind of thing or something 😂

I dont know But this is a serious problem what can destroy the experience for everyone.
The mode is awesome and i love to play this tactical but this is frustrating.
I will wait for Ubisoft’s response, thanks for the comments guys and have a nice day.