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07-24-2018, 03:36 PM
First of all, yes, i've used google to translate that same post, which i wrote on polish forum.
There was not so many responds.
Yes, my English is bad , but enough to communicate.


My name is Jarek, year 89.

I go with the initiative of creating a clan in The Crew 2. I know that there is no such system in the game (at present), but for example, Discord compensates it a bit.
The clan, looking forward in the future, aims to aim strongly at pvp. Later on eSports. However, this does not mean squeezing your buttocks every day and be an ordinary machine. In the clan, first of all, a family should be formed, people who respect each other. Having fun, fooling around, helping each other to polish our skills.

Discord server, I created, I did what I could in an hour. Earlier, I did not have any experience with this program. Due to this, there is still a lot to do. However, any decisions that modernize the server and its structure will be taken by the whole clan.

I work normally from Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day. Also, every other Saturday.
I'm in a relationship, but not ringed yet xd

My predictable normalized clan playtime: Monday to Sunday, from 19: 00/20: 00 to 22: 00/23: 00 CET TIME- minus one evening between Mon-Fri when I'm gone.
Of course there will be exceptions. It is not excluded that on weekends I will also appear in other additional hours.

The required age of clan members is 15+, as long as the person is overcome when it comes to conservative maturity.
Important: Each member of the clan should have a working microphone. Discord will apply almost exclusively to voice communication. Such in the clan will be required.

Willing people to create something big and futuristic in The Crew 2, hoping and believing in the great success of this game and looking for friends / family, please add me to UPlay. After I accept the invitation, please write to me about the clan.
A preliminary conversation will take place via UPlay and a link to the discord server will be provided. Discord server: Central Europe

My nickname: Jayce_LL

Clan/Club/Crew name: Lightning League
I will not give this name back because it's my little childhood dream; d

Please do not reply in the comments below this post.
People who are not interested, please go further.
Those interested, as I mentioned above, please contact me through UPlay.


07-27-2018, 03:07 PM
Thread can be closed. We've founded polish players.